Fame, riches, five other reasons why Shatta Wale turned Valentine's Day into serious prayer and worship day

Fame, riches, five other reasons why Shatta Wale turned Valentine's Day into serious prayer and worship day

After boasting that he did not fear death and angrily insulting prophets who prophesied his death, Shatta Wale rushed for intercessory prayers on Wednesday, February 14, 2018, in a desperate bid to avert the deadly prophecies.

The prophecies of doom targeting the serial hit maker followed the shocking death of his fellow dancehall artiste, Ebony, in road accident that shook the nation on Friday, February 9, 2018.

YEN.com.gh earlier reported that moments after news of Ebony's death broke, some prophets who claimed to have accurately predicted the demise of the 20-year-old singer turned their focus to Shatta Wale, warning him that he was the next to die.

7 reasons why Shatta Wale rushed for prayers after scary death prophecies

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One of the prophets went as far as to predict the mode of death, saying that the self-proclaimed dancehall king would commit suicide before December 2018.

The heart-stopping prophecies instantly provoked a firestorm of condemnation and outrage from Shatta Wale, who vowed to burn down all the churches in Ghana, should he still be alive in December.

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However, barely two days after his defiant threats, and in a stunning move that drew mockery from a section of the public, Shatta Wale, shunning the allure of Valentine's Day, gathered his family and friends for a rigorous prayer and worship session that sought to lift the specter of death that had rocked his world in recent days.

What informed this capricious turnaround in the thinking of the popular dancehall star?

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YEN.com.gh can think of seven potential factors:

1. Like everyone else, Shatta Wale fears death. He doesn't want to die.

2. He doesn't want to be complacent. He is not taking any chances. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. Better safe than sorry.

Ebony's death has given Ghanaian celebrities reason to take unflattering prophecies about them seriously. You ignore prophecies at your own risk.

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3. Ebony's accident was very gory. No one wants to check out that way. To die in such a painful manner is what everyone would dread, and Shatta Wale is no exception. Hence, the Vals Day prayer and worship session.

4. Shatta Wale is in his prime as a music star. He commands national and international attention, including from President Nana Akufo-Addo. He doesn't want to leave all that and die. For now he is enjoying his world of stardom, affluence, authority and all the luxury one can think of. Definitely Shatta Wale would do everything humanly possible to avert death.

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5. Shatta Wale has made millions of cedis. He has bought several posh cars and mansions. Just yesterday, YEN.com.gh reported that Wale has unveiled a new $1 million mansion and handed over to his long-time girlfriend, Shatta Michy.

His hard work has paid off and he is starting to enjoy the good things of life. Death is definitely the last thing he wants now.

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6. Children /family: Shatta Wale has disclosed that he has three children with three women. He even went on to explain that the number of his children was influenced by his dislike for contraceptives.

Undoubtedly, Shatta Wale loves his children too much, especially Shatta Majesty, the son of Shatta Michy, who he had always flaunted on social media. Aside from his immediate family, Shatta Wale is also loved by his extended family.

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Of course, who wouldn’t want to have such a promising and accomplished star in his family? His mom and dad, Shatta Capo, have pledged undying love for their son. Therefore, to die young is definitely something that Shatta Wale would pray against with all his might and power.

7. Life is too sweet to die: Life is sweet and life is good! No one would want to die, not even old men and women. How much more a young man like Shatta Wale? These and many other compelling reasons gives him the zeal to pray against a calamity such as death pronounced upon his life.

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