10 things to know about the 'black panther' movie

10 things to know about the 'black panther' movie

Black Panther is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated and marketed movie of the year even though it is only the beginning of the year. Black Panther the movie created a lot of buzz months before the Black Panther premiere.

10 things to know about the 'black panther' movie

Black Panther 2018.

The Black Panther cast features some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Black Panther is a marvel installation of the superhero franchise which picks up after ‘Captain America: Civil War’.

Here are top 10 interesting facts that a die-hard Marvel fan should grasp:

1. Earned $70 million in a single day.

Black Panther release date was scheduled to grace the cinemas all around the world on Friday 16. On its opening date Black Panther Marvel made a record breaking $70 million on Friday alone. The Black Panther premiere also broke the record of biggest opening of all time that was held by Deadpool. The movie owes its success to intense market sensitizing and research.

2. Wakanda is a fictional place.

If you have seen the Black Panther trailer, it is filmed in a haven place called Wakanda. Wakanda in the movie is an independent African country blessed in abundance with Vibranium. Wakanda is technologically advanced than other parts of the world due to their knowledge and expertise in utilizing the rare mineral.

10 things to know about the 'black panther' movie

3. Features Lupita Nyong’o.

Kenyan born thespian features in Black Panther as ‘Nakia.’ Her role is well executed with all the awesome fighting skills she has. Her stunts in the movie will leave you anticipating more. Her career has really soared high especially after this spectacular performance. Much more is in store for her as she soars the African flag high.

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4. First black superhero comic book.

Black Panther first premiered in the mainstream media as an assisting role back in 1966 in the franchise ‘Fantastic Four.’ The genius minds behind the character are Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. Over the years, the character has been featured in cameos in movies. The major break-through was when the character featured in Captain America: Civil War.

10 things to know about the 'black panther' movie

Warriors of Wakanda.

5. Warriors of Wakanda.

Another amazing feature of Wakanda is that all the warriors are women. Known in the local dialect as ‘the Dora Milaje’ which means the adored ones. Their man role is to protect their king from any possible looming threat. They are well trained and equipped with modern day weapons made out of Vibranium, which is in abundance in Wakanda.

6. First Marvel Black Superhero

Marvel Studios has over the years been accused of lacking diversity in their superheroes franchise. Also, they have never had a black director. Black Panther movie solved all these worries as it featured the first black superhero. Also, Coggler became the first black Marvel Studios film director.

10 things to know about the 'black panther' movie

7. Source of strength.

Every superhero is known to have a source of strength. For Black Panther, he owes his powers and strength from a magical herb that is found in Wakanda. The herb is only found in Wakanda and it spikes his super reflexes and tactical skills. He is also taunted to be the eight smartest people on Marvel franchise having bagged a couple of degrees.

8. It is a star-studded affair.

Have you heard about the cast line-up of the Black Panther movie? It features the best of the best in Hollywood. I mean where else except Marvel where awarding winning thespians like Lupita Nyong’o, Danai Gurira, Chadwick Boseman and Michael B. Jordan come together to perfect these master piece of art.

10 things to know about the 'black panther' movie

9. Battle of the kings.

Many do not know that before the lead role was handed over to T’challa, the seat was hotly contested by some of the industry’s big wigs. Some of the big wigs who auditioned for the role include Star Wars main man John Boyega, Adewale Akinnuoye- Agbaje and Djimon Hounsou. But at the end of the day, T’challa did a pleasant role as Black Panther.

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10. Love story.

Before Wakanda was invaded, T’challa was involved romantically with X-Men Member Storm to the point of marriage. Their love story was however cut short when they faced an attack. He had to focus on his role as king and the marriage was annulled. Pretty sad since they both formed a cute power couple unlike any other superhero couple out there.

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