WAEC Ghana BECE grading system 2019/2020

WAEC Ghana BECE grading system 2019/2020

Main examinations mark transition from one level of the education to another. We give detailed information about the West African Examination Council BECE grading system in this article.

WAEC Ghana BECE grading system.

What does the BECE do?

The Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) is the main exam that the junior high school education Ghanaian students take to qualify to join the vocational institutes (V.I), technical institutes (T.I), and senior high school. The Ghana Education Service conducts this exam via the Ministry of Education annually on the month of June. This exam only last for a week if there is no inconveniences like postponement or cancellation.

The approved school do the registration of this special exam and the candidates are given 4 choices of the senior schools they would love to join. The school sends the entries and the candidates choices through the internet for processing.

The selection of the candidates to senior schools is determined by the candidate’s grade. The Computerized School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS) does the placement fairy. The BECE has improved making it easier for the students to check their placement results on mobile phones. If a candidate fails to qualify, he or she will have to do self-placement in schools with vacancies.

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What does WAEC Do?

West Africa Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) is a main exam that senior school candidates take to get entries in West Africa universities and Jamb. A popular and well-notable exam board referred to as West Africa Examination Council (WAEC) conducts the WASSCE.

The WAEC greatly contribute in education in that it has funds contributed to support the needy candidates with good performance to pursue their dream careers in universities. It is also known for having a strong committee since it was established in 1952.

WAEC Ghana BECE grading system.

The WAEC committee is divided into 3:

  • International committee – deals with all the council activities.
  • National committee- deal with activities done by one country.
  • Subcommittees – deals with aspects activities of the council.

Subjects that the Candidates take.

Candidates work extremely hard for this main exams in order to get good and pleasing results. Their results determine their next level of their journey to success in their education. Below is a list of subjects they put efforts in:

  1. Mathematics
  2. English Language Arts
  3. Information Communication and Technology
  4. French
  5. Social Studies
  6. Integrated science
  7. Basic Design and Technology
  8. Ghanaian language that the school offers.
WAEC Ghana BECE grading system.

WAEC Ghana Grading System for BECE.

The grading system for BECE gives a Ghanaian candidate with an excellent score a A1 and B2 grade, a good score candidate gets a B3, a credit candidates gets a C4, C5, and C6 grade, and finally a pass student gets a D7 and E8 grade.

In simple terms, below is the BECE grading scale or the used BECE grading system 2019/2020.

  1. Excellent - A1 75% – 100%
  2. Very good - B2 70% – 74%
  3. Good - B3 65%- 69%
  4. Credit -C4 60% – 64%
  5. Credit - C5 55% – 59%
  6. Credit - C6 50% – 54%
  7. Pass - D7 45% – 49%
  8. Pass -E8 40% – 45%
  9. Failure-F9 0% – 44%

BECE Grading System Ghana.

BECE grading system in Ghana has been received critics for lack of variations in reflecting the candidates worked hard performance. The Ghanaians requests for a change of the current BECE grading system.

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