4 reasons why Ghanaians believe state officials need to suffer the perils of regular traffic like everyone else

4 reasons why Ghanaians believe state officials need to suffer the perils of regular traffic like everyone else

Anyone who has lived in Accra for a while will know just how soul-crushing the traffic situation can get in the Ghanaian capital.

Many more will have noticed with great frustration how every now then a state owned SUV will attempt to skim through traffic, just because one state official needs to get to the office.

In light of this, some argue that if all state officials joined regular traffic like everybody else, maybe more would be done to ensure the safety and general quality of vehicular transportation for the general public, especially since officials would have a first hand experience of it.

YEN.com.gh put together a few arguments why some believe - like in most developed countries - state officials need to be submitted to the time consuming and tiresome experience of rush hour traffic in Ghana.

5 reasons why politicians need to experience traffic like everybody else

1. A first hand experience

Many studies have shown that having first-hand - or hands-on - experiences, whether you're in academia or in professional life, the benefits of actually experiencing something physically have been documented extensively.

2. A cure for impunity on the roads

Many believe that as long as state officials are allowed to jump regular traffic for reasons other than those readily solvable through policy, there will never be a real effort to stop state officials from illegally - and dangerously - abusing road regulations.

3. Getting to know the struggle of constituents

Everyone who has braved public transportation on a daily basis for an extended period gets to know the regulars on their daily route. Though it's true that not too many socialize, a daily route [on public transportation] with those you represent can reveal a lot to representatives who want to know.

4. A government incentive for environment-friendly cars

The world over, studies have shown that vehicular pollution is a major contributor to global warming.

Considering the fact that road transportation consists of over 95% of passenger and freight transportation in Ghana, the benefits of a first-hand experience of vehicular transportation - as all Ghanaians experience it - cannot be dismissed.

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