How does the black panther movie make African fashion styles trending again?

How does the black panther movie make African fashion styles trending again?

Black Panther movie has taken African fashion to a whole new level. This African design culture which originates from the Akan People of Ghana has made the film even more interesting to watch. Let ’s say the truth, we were all waiting for the premiere of the movie Black Panther to showcase what it means to the African culture, and by doing so, it made us look for the best African prints that made statements to commemorate the day.

Black Panther movie: The African fashion style and all its glory

The fashion that is on display in all premiers of the movie worldwide has taken the popularity of the African style to another level. The Black Panther release date officially was set for January 19th, but this was subject to change depending on the continent and state.

Black Panther Marvel fashion

According to the founder and CEO of ‘Zuvaa’, a world-leading African inspire fashion. Much credit seems to go to the African fashion designers who are creating the hype and buzz around the movie. She says "I feel like it is more the African fashion industry that has been influencing a lot of the hype with this movie.” I also agree with her as this was excitement on what to wear on that very day than what we would be watching.

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At the Black Panther premiere, most actors of Hollywood were wearing breathtaking outfits inspired by “Wakanda” The fictional kingdom in Africa. Bold colors and design were witnessed by Black Panther cast members together with the viewers. Jokes all over the internet were saying “do not go just in a simple dashiki, put on something extra”.

The hype has been real, and even I personally had to put on one of my best African designed clothes to watch the premiere. Well, that was after watching the Black Panther trailer. "I have to make an appearance ".I kept telling myself.

Black Panther movie: The African fashion style and all its glory

Had I been a fashion industry in this era, I would consider taking all the chance to put out fashion shows in the weekend and promote the African theme. With all this going on a fashion industry is making all the advantage of the enthusiasm, a charity organized during the New York fashion week which read “Welcome to Wakanda” well the number of attendants on that show remains unknown yet, but sure enough the title did attract many “Wakanda” fans.

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The African design outfits have been on the rise, and the only challenge is always where to get them? The hype about African prints never has for once been a question of any doubt from different people all over the world, and this is seen well on the Black Panther 2018 premiere.

The extravagant, however, should not be just about finding the right piece and putting on, it should inspire you as a fashion lover to know the origin and backgrounds of the designs and designers. It is vital to remember that Africa as a continent has more to offer than what it is portrayed to offer. This film should be a reminder to the entire world about what the continent has contributed, what it can offer and how the people living in Africa can impact the world in different ways. Too much negative comments and words regarding this beautiful continent should stop as they have more than what catches the outside eye.

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Black Panther movie: The African fashion style and all its glory

Pretty much that is what “Wakanda” as the kingdom is all about. It focuses on what Africa is, how deep its culture is rooted, how superior they are, and how they can move the world. This movie is bringing to light what is already available, what people are embracing and what cannot be ignored anymore “the black supremacy”. Black Panther the movie has been more of a movement and an anthem than any black film that has premiere ever, and that is an undisputed fact.


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