Why tenants hate their landlords

Why tenants hate their landlords

You probably hate your landlord. It’s not necessarily your fault you hate him so much.

They irritate you so much, cost you a lot of money, and make your life a stressful nightmare.

This piece takes a look “behind-the-scenes” to what tenants think and feel regarding their landlords.

Why tenants hate their landlords

In all of this there are things you can do to improve the relationship and make your life as a tenant better

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Tenants expect attention and appreciation from their landlords, just as their landlords expect on-time rent payments and tender care of their homes.

1. Landlords who do not respond to complaints

For every tenant one of the irritating things is when the landlord refuses to address complaints with required urgency. Tenants hate landlords who don't respond to or who blow off complaints. Tenants hate it also when landlords behave just like money collectors.

2. Unnecessary Phone Calls

Tenants do not appreciate it when the landlord calls every time with needless complaints. Tenants also hate the landlord who stop by often and unexpectedly.

Landlords can typically only enter the rental unit after they’ve given notice, which is usually 24 hours (except in the case of an emergency).

3. Landlords who liar

Another thing tenants hate is when landlords’ liar. There are many landlords who promise a lot of things while getting the tenant to sign the rental agreement, however, after that all those promises vanished into thin air. Tenants are not idiots who do not have a clue what is going on. The odds are that they know when they are being lied to.

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4. Paying rent advance

Trying to finance rent is a pain. The pain becomes unbearable when the poor tenant has to cough out a one or two-year advance as rent. Paying rent advance drives many tenants crazy.

Unnecessary rules

Every tenant hates that landlord who sets unnecessary rules which includes; closing their gates early, telling you where to pound your fufu. In fact some landlords go as far as telling you who to visit you.

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