Why is the 'black panther' movie so important for the film industry?

Why is the 'black panther' movie so important for the film industry?

The importance of Black Panther movie to the film industry should come as a no-brainer. This is because, for the first time, it feels like we have a voice as Africans, to be seen, felt and heard. In case you get the chance of reading this, and you are black, seeing people who look like you in movies is something rare. Every day the world’s culture even in films reflects less on our kind and more on the other kinds. No pun intended, we have grown up in a world that shows us what we cannot do more, compared to what we are capable of doing, which are boundless.

Black Panther movie: Importance of this movie to the film industry and to the world

We have to admit that our culture has been keeping us for a very long time. But in Black Panther, words in Xhosa are used, warriors are women, some elders who look like they’re Masai from Kenya, are also seen there. This is one of the biggest blockbusters in 2018. Black people are sufficiently represented in this movie from the director to the cast. Black Panther has made us see how humanity has been multifaceted all these time.

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Black Panther 2018

One of the many reasons Black Panther the movie is significant is the fact that just like any entry of movie that people have seen in this endless parade of heroic film, this is way bigger than any other superhero movies ever to be registered and recognized. To me the cultural footprint is very vast, this movie is about what it feels and means to be black in both Africa and America and the whole world.

This film handles sensitive issues that affect black life in this modern day. This film evidently shows cases the power of Black women, people of different colors and how they embrace their culture. In the film industry this movie comes out as the first to have a mega-budget, and that has such a significant number of black casts. Black Panther marvel is set to show importantly how black lives matter, to me this is more like a revolution if not a movement. After the era of having a black President in the USA which also brought the feeling that black lives can go beyond the set rules. We thought nothing else would come to be so groundbreaking than Obama until Black Panther came around. This movie feels more like a resistance.

Black Panther movie: Importance of this movie to the film industry and to the world

Its African theme is praised as even in premier the invitation read “Royal Attire” but everyone who showed up came wearing different African Fabrics of head wraps showing crowns from different countries in Africa. Black Panther cast, Lupita Nyong’o showing up wearing her natural hair which was wrapped well in the elegant purple gown that made her stand out like the queen she is. Dashiki and boubou was the order of the day with Daniel Kaluuya one of the co-stars wearing a kanzu which comes from his Ugandan ancestry. The African culture got well represented on that Black Panther premiere day.

We should stop seeing this as just a movie that casts a black superhero, and know the fact that is a black movie. Above all, it carries much weight than all the superhero movies that we have watched, and none of them can take its weight: serving a long gone underrepresented black audience.

Black Panther movie: Importance of this movie to the film industry and to the world

Black Panther shows a very different Africa, one that does not seem to have ever experienced the burden of colonialism. It shows a Continent that is supreme and advanced with the knowledge to take care of its people. Long are the days when the white movies would be well marketed and fetch good show profits. Black Panther release date was on January 19th, and it started gaining popularity before the time and has been doing so since then. It is time for the black films, black stars and themes to be marketed just like any other.

As seen in the Black Panther trailer, this movie makes a very bold statement to the entire world that poises “This is Africa and all its glory, and there is vast talent here than anywhere in the world”. In the film industry, Black Panther matters the most because it makes people of every color to have the chance to see a black hero. This fact alone makes it have its supreme kind of power.

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