5 serious things top NDC member said about "violent" Martin Amidu

5 serious things top NDC member said about "violent" Martin Amidu

- Dr. Valerie Sawyer of the opposition NDC thinks Martin Amidu lied to Ghanaians at his vetting

- The former deputy chief of staff has revealed how Martin Amidu was a threat to late President Mills's presidency

- Martin Amidu has been approved by parliament as special prosecutor

A former deputy chief of staff under the erstwhile Mahama administration, Dr. Valerie Sawyer, has written a fierce article against the special prosecutor, Martin Amidu.

The former deputy chief of staff, who has had first-hand information on developments which happened during the Atta Mills administration, has revealed some major developments that happened between Martin Amidu and the former president.

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The "plain-speaking" politician has also revealed some key secrets under the Mills and Mahama administration that we shall be exploring:

1. Martin Amidu contradicted himself regarding the true reason why he was asked to resign as attorney general. Dr. Valerie Sawyer argues that earlier, Martin Amidu had revealed he resigned because he fell out with President John Evans Atta Mills because he tried to prevent him from pursuing the Woyome case. Meanwhile, his vetting saw him say it was because of a ‘breach of trust’.

2. Martin Amidu was invited by late President Mills to face Betty Mould Iddrisu, the former attorney general he had raised allegations against. "Indeed, all who knew the astute Professor knew that he did not suffer bullies and cowards lightly. You could not get away with any backstabbing allegations without him arranging a meeting between the accuser and the accused. He was a man who walked the talk," she stated.

3. Martin Amidu was very violent while being a government appointee in the Flagstaff House. "There was screaming like a barn owl (Tyto Alba), shrieking like a bobcat (Lynx Rufus), wailing like a banshee (some call it Ignis Faatus), prancing around like an orangutan (Pongo Abelii/Pongo Pygmaeus), use of language and gestures unbecoming of an appointee towards a sitting President, even attempts in chimpanzee (Pan Troglodytes) style to physically assault a sitting President?" the statement quizzed.

4. Martin Amidu was nearly arrested by national security being physically and verbally abusive. Dr. Valerie Sawyer reveals "the security men had to be restrained by Mr. Newman because they burst into the room knowing the sitting President was under threat with Martin Amidu around."

5. Martin Amidu was so brash and brazen in dealing with "nice democratic Presidents like Egya Atta and Baba JM." According to her, Martin Amidu would have a tough time dealing with President Akufo-Addo "since he has made it clear that he will ruthlessly devour anything in his path."

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Martin Amidu's overwhelming approval by parliament comes amidst grave controversies about his political leanings, capacity to be neutral, work ethic and general outlook among others.

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