Best investment companies in Ghana

Best investment companies in Ghana

Are you ready to venture into the investment industry? Ghana’s financial sector has been booming over the years. This has led into the massive discovery of investment opportunities that haven’t been ceased yet.

Best investment companies in Ghana

But first, you will have to look for an investment company that will keep your securities and of other shareholders in order to realize profits in your investment.

The investment company makes all the sound investment decisions on behalf of all shareholders. All you have to do is check the status of your shares, in case the firm realizes profit you will also earn part of the profit. It is important to work with the best investment companies in Ghana who are well experienced in the financial service industry in order to avoid losses on your securities.

Best investment companies in Ghana

Here is a list of the best investment firms in Ghana:

The Construction Bank

It is always wise to work with the Construction Bank since they have been licensed by the Government of Ghana to offer investment services. They also have a wide base of shareholders thus making pooling of resources easy and resourceful when realizing profits. They have a well trained and experienced staff who offer sound advice to all future shareholders on the current dynamics of the financial markets.

Barclays Bank Ghana

They were rated among the best investment banking companies in 2017. They have built a solid foundation and reputation of top-notch investment in over the decade of operation. They also offer attractive interest rates for shareholders. You are assured that your investment is in safe hands. They calculate the risks in the market before-hand and give you the truth about the future of your security.

Best investment companies in Ghana

Achievers Investment and Management Limited

They are undoubtedly one of the best investment firms for beginners and for foreign investors. They have an established client base which features some local and foreign investors. They have attractive rates of interest for shareholders. They also disclose their investment plans on financial instruments to shareholders.

First Havila Investment Group Limited

They have been in operation for close to a decade and have made sound investment decisions that have made the company grow their client base over time. Shareholders are able to redeem their shareholders in form of cash from the firm. They are well connected and sourced by private investors.

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Best investment companies in Ghana

Zenith Bank Ghana Limited

The financial institution has been in operation since its incorporation into the financial industry back in 2005. They are well established in offering investment solutions to potential shareholders. They offer quality service to all customers. They also discuss their investment plans openly to shareholders.

Mutual Integrity Limited

The investment firm has a clear investment plan and rate of returns on shares to all shareholders on their portfolio. They assist individuals make sound financial decisions in order to secure their future. Shareholders are informed regularly on every financial investment step the firm takes.

Best investment companies in Ghana

DCANS Investment Limited

They are specialized in offering investment opportunities when it comes to residential and commercial mortgages. They make investment plans on residential areas through pooling of resources. Shareholders can alternatively secure the mortgages at low annual interest rates starting from 4.5%.

KYC Nations

They are an investment company who specialize in real estate marketing. They are a well-established firm with branches all over the continent. They offer long terms investments on commercial infrastructure programs while earning shareholders their profits.

Best investment companies in Ghana

Steward Capital Partners Limited

They are a licensed investment firm who offer many investment opportunities to their shareholders. They have a full set investment plan describing all the activities they undertake in order to satisfy all their shareholders. They also involve investors in every financial step they undertake. Investors are assured safety of their securities.

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