5 things in Accra that always cause emotional pain

5 things in Accra that always cause emotional pain

Life in Accra, the capital city of Ghana, requires a level of emotional endurance for one to 'survive' in the city.

Several factors, be it social or political, give rise to the assertion that Accra isn’t exactly a comfort zone. What could the challenges be?

YEN.com.gh brings to you 5 reasons why life in Accra sometime causes emotional pain:

1. Traffic in Accra

The traffic situation in Accra could sometimes be beyond description. To wait at one spot for almost an hour is an experience no one would wish for themselves.

It gets worse during the festive occasions such as Christmas and New Year's Day.

Cars on a major street

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2. Floods and chocked gutters

Accra continues to face a serious sanitation challenge. It is often common to see drainage systems filled with plastic bottles as well as other types of refuse. This could lead to a myriad of diseases.

A flooded drainage system

3. Noise from churches

Church meetings are opportunities to connect with God, pray for family and friends, and basically to open up for training and direction from the leaders of the church.

However, the level of noise generated in some churches becomes inconvenient on some occasions.

People praying in a church

4. Trotro 'wahalas'

Commercial vehicles in Accra, popularly known as ‘trotros’, offer an affordable way to help people get to their destinations.

However, delay, challenges with seating arrangements and other factors sometimes make it a troubling experience for those who opt for this medium of traveling.

Paseengers seated in a commercial vehicle

5. When banks say "Are systems are down..."

Are you a salaried worker waiting for the "pay day"? Then you certainly have a growing fear with respect to the heartbreaking stories your bank could tell you.

This gets worse especially on a Friday, as the weekend would look as if it would never end.

Customers in a banking hall

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