6 facts about Accra that your mother in the village should know

6 facts about Accra that your mother in the village should know

Life in Accra can be as entertaining as it can be stressful. The capital city has people from all walks of life as residents, making it cosmopolitan.

However, if you are a resident of Accra, then you would know that the hustle can be real. From trading, to schooling and to getting yourself a house, nothing comes easy.

Intriguingly, many people living in rural areas and villages tend to think everything is rosy in Accra.

5 facts about Accra that your mother in the village could be missing

The Black Star Square in Accra

But in truth, just like in the villages, Accra also has its fun and stressful times.

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Here are four facts about Accra that your mother in the village could be missing:

1. Going to the movies

In the villages, it is difficult to see one going to a cinema or theatre to watch movies. Perhaps, in other developed countries it is possible, but for Ghana this is very rare.

Unlike in Accra where almost a cinema can be found at every corner of the city. If your mum is in the village, then she is very likely to miss the fun that comes with this.

She might have a TV at home, but the fact is that going to the movies is a special moment that is unmatched.

2. Nice night life

Never boring, busy streets even after midnight, many bars to go to. Life in the village can be boring most times. In Accra the streets are busy even t mid-night.

3. Miss the typical local foods

Life in Accra can sometimes be frustrating, especially if you are one who loves your local dishes.

A person from the village may have heard of all the junk foods in the city, but will always prefer his or her accustomed foods.

The frustration comes in when you do not get the needed ingredients to buy in the supermarkets, so you are denied that special local meal you want to prepare. For instance, how many restaurants even sell the meat of a grasscutter ? So you see?

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4. Traffic

Accra is huge. Over the years, the capital has sprawled, literally, to the regional borders. Some neighborhoods are farther away than they may seem on Google Maps. Hundreds of brand-new suburban developments mean that people leave home before 6 a.m. and leave work after 8 p.m. to avoid spending hours in gridlock. Unless you fancy leaving your accommodation before dawn, choose carefully. Generally speaking, your mother in the village is missing the daily hustle with traffic in Accra.

5. Go to the beach

Mum in the village, especially when the village is not close to the coast is definitely missing the beach experience.

5 facts about Accra that your mother in the village could be missing

Going to the beach in Accra is an experience

Accra is by the sea, but most of the shore is heartbreakingly choked with trash. The exceptions are Labadi Beach, Kokrobite Beach (a longer trip from Accra), and Titanic Beach in Tema, named for that one time a ship ran aground. What can I say, gallows humor is a national pastime here.

6. Noise

One thing synonymous with villages is the fact that there is absolute serenity and peace of mind. Rarely will you hear of noises being made by neighbours around you.

However, the situation is totally different when it comes to Accra. Noises from cars and other sellers might even make your mum struggle to have a good nap in the afternoons. But she still is missing noisy Accra!

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