Why has Emmanuella the comedy girl become so popular?

Why has Emmanuella the comedy girl become so popular?

Emmanuella Samuel is a young popular comedian born on the 22nd of July 2010. She is seven years of age and she is Mark Angel’s niece. Mark Angel is the producer of the popular comics in Nigeria.

Why has Emmanuella the comedy girl become so popular?

He noticed her talent since she was born because of her ability do things as she is told. Due to her obedience, Mark Angel has a very easy job training her as she practices for the scenes. Emmanuella lives with mark angel’s family as much as her parents are still alive. Her parents are committed to supporting her. They are actually a big fan of their daughter.

Emmanuella’s comedy started off when she was in primary 1. At that time, she hit the air waves and everyone loved her. Her comedies are loved by big people in society. She makes people laugh and during an interview she admitted to like what she does. Currently, her comedies have had many views on YouTube and the whole of Africa celebrates her talent.

Why has Emmanuella the comedy girl become so popular?

Emmanuella comedy

Balancing school and comedy was not easy for her because she had to learn how to do both and still have good grades. This comes with a lot of responsibility considering that she is very young. In a 2016, mark angel launched a tour and the turnout was exceptionally amazing. Emmanuella's fans were many and this was a stepping stone for her. Her name has gained popularity and she continues to shine in the comedy industry. Currently, her net worth has increased and she is a millionaire already. Part of the money that she gets from comedy; a share is given to her parents. Emmanuella has changed the lives of many through her talent. Her comedies are a challenge to all parents who have identified the talents of their children at their young age. Age is not a limit to start, and all parents should learn from Emmanuella.

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Why has Emmanuella the comedy girl become so popular?

Below are some of the videos of Emmanuella the comedy giant;

Emmanuella comedian videos

  • How much
  • My real face
  • Flog emmanuella
  • My uncle is here
  • Keep your head
  • In law in law
  • Combatrin
  • Fresh tomatoes
  • Hollywood standard
  • Who is selling
  • Neighbor
  • Why
  • Cho cho

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Why has Emmanuella the comedy girl become so popular?

Emmanuella’s comedy has brought a big change in the industry. The way she acts is admirable. She is indeed gifted and her ability to remember all the scenes is indeed a result of pure talent. She went ahead to post on Instagram that she was to take part in one of Walt Disney’s project. She went ahead to joke about her costume while she was on set in the studio. She is not aware of the role that she is supposed to play yet, but it is a very promising deal for her talent. Many went on social media to congratulate her, and also support her. She is indeed a rising star in the industry and a game changer of all time. She still remains very humble despite the big opportunities that have come her way. Am sure that Emmanuella will represent Africa to the maximum.

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