How to Build Self Confidence and Self Esteem in Yourself

How to Build Self Confidence and Self Esteem in Yourself

We have all been down at some stages of our lives, and people always tell us that we have to stand up again like nothing ever happened. This could be hard sometimes for many people; some people may stand up easily and pretend like nothing happened at all, and others worry too much and keep thinking about how things could have happened the other way around. Anyway, in both cases, this may result in us going on with our lives with low self-esteem, and in some cases, without any self-confidence at all. Of course, there are other reasons that may cause low self-esteem for some people, which will be discussed below, but the most important thing is to know how to build self-confidence in ourselves.

How to Build Self Confidence and Self Esteem in Yourself

Discussing the reasons of why people sometimes have a lack of confidence in themselves could be hard, as people are different from one another, and after all, they all have different motivations and purposes in their lives. The reasons of having low self-esteem are usually figured out by studying special cases and conducting surveys and then determining the most common points that have affected the majority of people who participated in a survey for example.

Research and experiments have proven that low self-esteem can be because of traumatic childhood experiences such as sexual abuse, separation from parents, emotional or even physical abuse. In addition, it was proven that a child who is constantly neglected by his parents ends up having low self-esteem. Before you know how to build self-confidence in yourself, you should know the main reason of it from the beginning, as the main key to solving any problem is determining the problem. This is also important if you want to know how to build self-confidence in a child, if you may have one.

Other reasons for having a low self-esteem could also include ill health, frustrating relationships, lack of self-control, and any other negative life events like getting divorced or getting fired from a job. Besides, victims of discrimination, in general, on the grounds of color, race, religion, or sex may most probably end up with low self-confidence.

How to build self-confidence and self-esteem?

If you are still reading this, it means that you think you may have low self-esteem, or you may want to help someone who is close to you. Maybe you would like to know how to build self-confidence in your wife. Either way, there is nothing wrong about admitting that we may all have low self-confidence in ourselves at some point, and the most important thing is to always work on ourselves to improve for the better.

Building self-esteem again is not the hardest thing if you guide yourself through the right way of self-improvement, and if you follow the tips discussed below. People with low self-esteem will most probably think of the world as a hostile place and of themselves as victims of the society, which make them not able to express and assert themselves when they have to, miss out on opportunities, and feel vulnerable when they deal with other people around them. Each one should have the power to do some change, whether in his daily life or even at work, and a low self-esteem may make that hard to achieve.

There are many instructions and methods on how to improve yourself and build self-esteem, but you should always try to follow the ones that make you feel comfortable. After all, everything is easy after the few first steps. Here a few easy steps that you should consider following if you want to know how to build self-confidence and self-esteem:

Think positively about yourself

No matter what happens, you always have to think positively about yourself, as your negative thoughts may hurt you emotionally and even physically in prolonged cases. Try to see the good way of things and always think from a positive angle. Remind yourself that you are a special person and a miracle of creation, and try to remember all the great things you have done before whenever a negative thought comes to your mind. You can organize things better by making a list of your strengths and your achievements, which will provide you with a lot of motivation whenever you feel down. One good way to do it is to ask a friend or someone close to you to help you with the list because people who know you well may know you better than yourself in some cases.

how to build self-confidence in yourself

Help other people around you

You do not have to personally know them, and you do not have to wait for anything in return either. Helping people and other creatures around will make you feel much better about yourself. Do it sincerely without expecting any kind of appreciation from anyone in return. In general, all humans have developed into civilization because of their ability to cooperate with each other and reach their common goals. Providing help to people, animals, or even nature will make this world a better place by spreading kindness all around, and it will make other people eager to help others as well. Help is not only done by financial means; things like adopting a dog from an animal shelter or volunteering in a school or in an orphanage will make you feel much better about yourself. In addition, it will make you realize how much you are important to many people and creatures around you, which will eventually raise your self-esteem.

How to Build Self Confidence

Do sports and eat healthy

Providing your body with the necessary nutrients and vitamins will make you stronger, fitter, and capable of critical thinking. Research has proven that eating a lot of junk food not only affects your health but your self-esteem and the functionality of your brain as well. Doing sports is also very important for your brain and body, as you will notice that you may become much more attentive after doing sports for a couple of days, and by sports, it does not really mean that you just have to go to the nearest gym. Try to do something in nature that you have always liked or wanted to try. It is always better to practice something that you are passionate about. For example, sports like fishing, cycling, hiking, swimming, jogging or other team sports will make you more self-confident compared to just hitting the gym. It will also make you more attached to nature and to your friends who may be doing the same sports. In addition, your body will become stronger and you will become more attractive. Doing sports also relieves any kind of stress or worries.

how to build self confidence in your wife

Take care of yourself and your place

It is not harmful to spoil yourself a bit from time to time. Agree with a friend of yours to go to a spa for a massage session, or do something that you enjoy at the end of every day. Get a new haircut and buy yourself some new clothes. It could also be great if you can make your living space look attractive by decorating it with the things you like the most that remind you of your achievements or with the souvenirs that you may have brought from other countries or cities during your travels. Try to enjoy the little things in life. You can do that by cleaning the garden for example or even cooking a meal that you have always wanted to cook yourself. You should also be grateful for everything you have in your life starting from the bed you sleep on and the roof that covers your head at night.

Get others on board and travel somewhere

Have you always wanted to go on a crazy adventure or travel to a foreign country? If so, then it is time to do it. People are social creatures by nature, and that is why they prefer to do things in groups and with people who are close to them. If you know someone who wants to go somewhere or do something big but waiting for someone to join him, then it could be you. You can also ask some of your friends and make them more enthusiastic about joining you on an adventure or traveling with you somewhere. If you may not succeed in that, then just do it yourself and think of the many great travelers who have reached faraway destinations alone. You have to be convinced that you are also a human being who is capable of doing any of that, and when you travel alone, you will definitely make many new friends on your way. Traveling alone will make you feel very self-confident, as you will only depend on yourself. It will also make you figure out your strengths and weaknesses and it may help you shape up the perfect plan for your future because you will get many inspirations on your way.

how to build self confidence in speaking english

How to build self-confidence at work?

If you are self-confident in yourself, then you are self-confident everywhere. Supposing there are some people who undermine you at work or make fun of you in front of others, which may make you feel bad about yourself. Well, that does not have to be the case at all, think that there are many such people in this world who only feel better about themselves by undermining others, and be grateful that you are not one of them and that you should not be bothered at all each time you meet any of them. It is always better to ignore such people whenever you can and not trouble yourself with them, as they don’t deserve the time nor the effort of your thoughts. Start taking bold action and being nice to nice people at your workplace. See the things you have in common with them and do those things together on the weekends. Try to work on yourself and be better at what you do so that you can gain the respect of others at your workplace.


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