5 things nobody told you about Franky Kuri

5 things nobody told you about Franky Kuri

The Ebony Death story came with a lot of revelations and speculations amidst the condolence messages that kept trickling in especially online. Once the reports of Ebony’s death hit the news, people were interested in knowing who Franky Kuri, the other lady in the car was. Questions have been asked and allegations made. So who is Franky? Here are 5 things nobody has told you about the lady everyone seems to have an opinion on.

5 Things Nobody Told You About Franky Kuri

Ghanaians have known more about Franky Kuri in her death than they ever knew when she was alive. Most of it has been disrespectful to the family as the media rushes to post unnecessary information that hurts the family. The family has had to sit through a lot of hurtful comments and wrong information about their daughter. The following 5 aspects about Franky’s life will definitely help shed some light on who she really was. Forget the misconceptions.

5 Interesting Things about Franky Kuri

1. Franky was 27 years old

People have claimed that Franklina Maame Yaa Teboa Nkansah was 18 years old at the time of her passing. Some have gone ahead to say that she was 20 years old. The truth is that Franky was 27. She was born on 10th May 1990. She was brought up by her grandmother since her mother was deceased. Franky’s dad lived in the USA.

5 Things Nobody Told You About Franky Kuri- Franky was 27 years old

2. She attended Holy child school

Franky was a popular girl in school which may be the reason behind the many baseless rumors. She completed her schooling in 2008 at Holy child school. During her school days, Franky lit up entertainment events. Dancing was her thing.

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3. Openly gay

This is not something that should appear shocking to any person. Franky was openly gay from the time she was in Holy child school. All her schoolmates knew that Franky was a lesbian, she was not in the closet as the media was trying to portray.

4. She was personal assistant to ebony

After school Franky went to the States but shortly came back to Ghana when things didn’t work out. Upon her return, she became personal assistant to Ebony Reigns which explains her presence in the car at the time of her death. She went everywhere with the songstress, it was her job to do so. Whether there was anything extra to this relationship is yet to be established and can only be left to the speculations until verified.

5 Things Nobody Told You About Franky Kuri- she was personal assistant to Ebony

5. Family says she was a darling

Daring, free spirited and the kindest soul….these are some of the adjectives that her family will forever remember their daughter with. To them, Franky was one of the realest and most adorable persons you will ever meet. After all, they say that your family knows you best.

While there may be a lot of information circulating the internet about the late Kuri, the family needs our support in this hard times. Our thoughts and prayers are with them.

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Rest in Peace Franklina.

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