Why do we love Ebony songs?

Why do we love Ebony songs?

Ebony is a popular Ghanaian musician with a great success in her music journey. The 21 years old recent death on 8th February 2018 after an accident has left her funs and family in silence. Ebony will always be a star remembered for her good music.

Why do we love Ebony songs?

Yes, she was only 3 years old in the music industry, but her efforts led to her fast achievement of success and fame. Ebony’s death denied her fans an opportunity of getting entertained by her music. Consolation to all her fans and family, all we are left for us to do is to keep her in our hearts and hope that soon someone will ensure that the legacy of Ebony's songs in Ghana lives on.

Ebony songs keep her memory alive

Ebony was a talented musician who only left us with only her tracks to remember her. She greatly thrived in 2017 and her music is all we can store in our minds to keep her forever. This article ranks Ebony songs 2017; follow it as a way of appreciating the great heroin and star of the Ghanaians.

Ebony's newest songs are available for download

Ebony had fans not in only in Ghana, but the whole of Africa. Ebony songs MP3/Ebony songs lyrics are available in her YouTube channel or her other social media pages, for you to listen or download the songs.

Why do we love Ebony songs?

Here is a list of her new songs.

  • Ebony Songs ‘ Sponsor’

This song has a story line that seems to be real, but I think is the funniest among all her songs. It is about Ebony being in a dilemma on whether to choose an old rich guy ‘sponsor’ or juvenile ‘broke’ guy. These are dilemmas that face young ladies of the new generation because they want the cash and the young guy.

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‘Sponsor’ these Ebony songs audio rocked in most Ghanaian radio channels you turned on. Her long list of fans were very entertained in that the thoughts of the song makes them to remember her.

  • Maame Hwe

This song shows the conscious not the controversy side of Ebony. This is because the song story line is against the domestic violence people especially women face. She sings the song with lots of decency while covered.

This particular song is among the favorite songs of president of Ghana Nana Akufo-Addo. Ebony was greatly talented and she always tried to connect the mass to the mighty.

Why do we love Ebony songs?

Hustle recording photo clip.

  • Hustle

In this song, she made a collaboration with Brella. The interesting bit about Ebony’s songs is that their story line is based on true-life situations that people face. On hustle she went to the Ghanaian street to represent them by telling their aspirations. She also went to one of the Ghanaian market where ordinary people are to tell their story through their faces.

  • Dance floor

Dance floor was her very first single that the popular Ghanaian musician Bullet signed in his notable Rufftown records. Her first hit song attracted many people to love her music. Ebony’s sexy body was the attention to detail in this song. Watch it and celebrate her, it is all we are left with as her fans.

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Kupe is among the Ebony love songs with a pop beat. It was and still it is an amazing song. Kupe story line is about a lover who is filled with anguish for her man having a side-chick. A very nice song that greatly rocked her fans. Watch and be part of those entertained by this song.

Africa as whole is proud of the young star. She was not only a big loss in Ghana but to all her funs allover the world. R.I.P

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