Why has Shatta Wale become prey for Ghanaian pastors?

Why has Shatta Wale become prey for Ghanaian pastors?

You must have heard the latest Shatta Wale news. Shatta has always claimed to be fearless but it seems like the latest prophecies by pastors in Ghana are upsetting the Dancehall King. Here is why

Why has Shatta Wale become prey for Ghanaian pastors?

How did you spend your 2018 Valentine’s Day season? Well, to most people their spent this special day with their loved once. Others spent it doing unexpected and unusual things like our Ghanaian dancehall king, Shatta Wale.

Shatta Wale decided to humble himself to God the almighty because of the prophecies prophesied by some pastors that he will soon die. Before he seemed not to be shaken by the prophecies of his death, but now its clear they did not fall on deaf years.

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Why has Shatta Wale become prey for Ghanaian pastors?

Pastors in Ghana who have predicted the death of Shatta Wale have been increasing in numbers. Why Shatta Wale? Well, this is what his funs and family are yet to know. Pastor Charles Dady prophesied that frustrations would led to his death. Kumasi pastor who prophesied the death of Ebony dancehall musician, Shatta Wale was among his list.

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Shatta Wale calls the pastors who prophecy his death as false prophets. He is even thinking of releasing a song to condemn the false prophets who are declaring bad things to him. Everybody close to him reveals of how the dancehall musician has not been himself since he had the news.

Shatta Wale’s funs and family have been greatly affected by the bad prophesies. His father Charles Mensah Snr said that his son will not die and if he was to die, he would be the first one to get that prophesy. He recently petitioned the CID to investigate these prophecies as death threats.

Why has Shatta Wale become prey for Ghanaian pastors?

Shatta Wale with his mother

Shatta Wale’s mother is not taking the prophesy lightly but she has greatly been affected.

What Shatta Wale Plans if he does not die

Shatta Wale greatly knows that God gives and takes away life. According to the latest Shatta Wale news on his death by his prophets, is that he will die by 18th July. He openly confessed that if he does not die by that time, he will burn all the pastor’s churches that prophesied his death.

During Ebony the dancehall funeral, Shatta Wale wept because he did not even know if he is the next one. The pastors are urging people to remember the dancehall musicians in their prayers especially Shatta Wale.

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