When will the ministry acknowledge the importance of education?

When will the ministry acknowledge the importance of education?

The current education system of Ghana is flawed and out of date with the current issues in the world. We cannot refute its success but it has reached a time where we need to set our priorities straight as a country. The Ministry of Education has focused solely on free education to all Ghanaians at the expense of the quality of the education system. So, is it worth it to leave out the quality?

When will the ministry acknowledge the importance of education?

We should not overlook the importance of education in Ghana.

Education is one of the pillar millennium goals of any country. In the last fiscal year, the education sector was among the most funded sectors according to the budget. The importance of education to a country is measure in terms of the level of development and ability to handle key arising problems in the world like poverty, health and life status.

Needless to say, we are a close knit social fabric that depend on each other for survival. A good education system ensures development of new ideas and techniques which leads to faster development. Education can spurn the economic growth of Ghana.

Education’s importance is reflected with ways to solve issues relating to food security, employment, health crisis and so much more in Ghana. If the Government of Ghana invests heavily into the education sector, we can have homemade solutions to all these crises. We do not need to seek outside aid, but we can now rely on fellow Ghanaians to help their fellow citizens.

When will the ministry acknowledge the importance of education?

Inventions of new technologies in developed countries is usually made by individuals in educational institutions who have a mind to improve the community. This shows the importance of educational research on the development of Ghana.

The Ministry of education is mandated by the constitution to lead all programs in Ghana relating to education. Even though they have had some accomplishments like making it a fundamental right to all, much more needs to be done. The burden of survival of the society solely rests on their shoulders.

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They should bring on board the power of technical institutions to the education sector. Currently most learners are obsessed with passing exams and having good grades than really learning the skills and expanding their minds. This has led to the escalating cases of exam irregularities. Also, the learners are under high pressure to succeed by the society.

When will the ministry acknowledge the importance of education?

MATTHEW OPOKU PREMPEH-Minster of Education.

The Minister of Education for Ghana really needs to update the current education system. Much of the learning in Ghana is usually class-based, the learners lack the much-needed experience on the field to apply what they learn in class. It is only theory based. Also, students lack mentoring programs to help them know their unique talents.

Have you seen the state of some of the educational facilities in the country? They lack the basic amenities needed to create a conducive learning environment. The teachers strike that have been looming since decades also takes a toll on the state of education. The ministry of education needs to ensure that the teachers are properly remunerated. Failure to this will only paralysis the state of education in Ghana.

The Ministry of Education in Ghana in conjunction with the Second lady, Samira Bawumia, promised of reforms by the Government with regards to the welfare of quality education. One of the reforms which was applauded for was the introduction of free senior high school policy. This means that all the financial burdens of fee payments for students in public senior high schools in Ghana were lifted off.

When will the ministry acknowledge the importance of education?

She also introduced reforms on the teacher training exercise to ensure that all the teachers were fully equipped with the much-needed expertise in their field of work. She further urged them to stay true to their calling in order to nurture the skills of the students. She called all stakeholders to support the Government initiatives in order to deliver quality service to all Ghanaians.

We can applaud the Government for all the initiatives they have put in place to improve education in Ghana. But all these is a tip of the iceberg, much more infrastructure needs to be put in place. We need to finance our educational facilities to ensure they are at full capacity to deliver quality education to all Ghanaians. Focus needs to be on the quality of education availed to all Ghanaians and nothing else.

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