Can Ghana be proud of Kuami Eugene?

Can Ghana be proud of Kuami Eugene?

Kuami Eugene is a household name in Ghana. You can’t afford to talk of upcoming young musicians without include him in the list. Long before the world knew of his existence and while still a 16 year old kid, Kuami was already producing music in his mother’s kitchen. Can Ghana be proud of Kuami Eugene? Yes, very proud. Here’s why.

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Just like any other reality show, MTN Hit maker –Season 5 had contestants who had come up to compete because the winner package was good (a GHC 100000 recording deal) and would do well for their fame. Others competed because the deal was good and would be a doorway to their dreams. (There is no denying that the deal itself was enough to make one sign up) Kuami belonged to the latter. He saw in MTN a key to being the person he always wanted to be. That is why besides coming 3rd after Kelvin and F9 in the competition, he went ahead to make headlines many months later and is still going strong. Here’s everything you need to know about this talented musician.

Kuami Eugene biography - Get to know him

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Kuami Eugene’s real name is Eugene Marfo. Born in the suburbs of Fadama in Accra, he was lucky to get a decent upbringing. Kuami Eugene school life ended when his music life began; one had to give way to the other. He ran away from school severally to learn how to produce music from someone he says had seen his potential and offered to help. By the time his mother discovered this trend, he had already gotten himself expelled. There is no doubt that his guardian angels never sleep as Kuami Eugene profile has never disappointed. He gets better by the day and doesn’t regret choosing music. Let’s evaluate his music in details.

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Kuami Eugene music – He is multi talented

Kuami Eugene musician gifts include rapping, producing and writing songs. See what I mean by being multi talented? This budding musician is not your ordinary raising star. He has written songs for the celebrated Becca among other famous musicians. He can write and produce his own songs. Kuami is wired for music.

Kuami Eugene songs, kuami eugene photos

After the MTN Hit maker-season 5 that brought him into the lime light, Kuami was signed up to Lynxx Entertainment and has been recording with them since, at times doing collabos.He didn’t let his light fed, he best knows of opportunities not knocking twice on one’s door. Kuami Eugene songs are always well received by his fans. Among his best so far are Hiribaba, Boom Bang Bang, Twist, Angela and the most current, Confusion.Kuami’s hip life songs are characterized by an irresistible dancehall beat that makes one want to get off their sit to dance; that’s his magical touch.

Kuami Eugene all songs – The ‘’Confusion’’ controversy

The new face of Ghana music was recently caught in a frenzy of confusion with his ‘’confusion’’ hit song. His fans accused him on social media for plagiarizing ‘’Fais Moi Confiance’’ a song by Sidiki,a Mali musician. He however denied the claims.

Kuami Eugene photos – The best of Fadama boy

Kuami Eugene gh musician, Kuami Eugene pictures

Kuami Eugene age has been a popularly asked question. He is 19 an making it. With Kuami Eugene mix tapes being a part of every nightlife event in Ghana, he is evidently just commencing his journey to greatness. He didn’t let his position in MTN deter him from his dreams but believed in the prowess of his talents and ability. Ghana should be proud of its new urban music definer.

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