Everything you need to know about Ebony death

Everything you need to know about Ebony death

Ebony Death is probably one of the biggest blows to the Ghanaian music industry. With the budding dancehall musician just at the prime of her music career everything seemed to be going right with her, until her death. While the entertainment industry is still mourning one of their own, speculation is still ripe on the death of this artist. Inasmuch as nothing should be taken to chance, some of the news on the street is just some fuss that will fade away as the fact remain. In our article we seek to educate you on what you need to know about this musician death.

Everything You Need To Know About Ebony Death

By now you have heard a lot of conspiracy theories about the death of Ebony that you seem not to know and differentiate on what to believe anymore. This is scary more so with some conspiracies claiming to involve the power of Voodoo, nothing could be further from the truth. Here is everything you need to know about Ebony death.

Ebony died from a road accident not depression or suicide

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Clearly from the responses about Ebony death, Ebony Ghanaian musician was not only famous in her country, but in the world at large. Fans and critics alike took to social media to console with the family of the late music with others speculating on what the course of her death might be.

Thanks to Ebony music, the singer has attracted a lot of media attention from all quarters even from people in the gospel industry. According to sources, Ebony’s death was prophesized by a number of prophets some claiming the death was bound to happen since the musician was involved in some sacrificial activities. Other sources claimed that Ebony was suicidal and depressed before her death and hence the accident which however is not the case.

Everything About Ebony Death

Like any accident, Ebony gh accident was one that could not be avoided. The correct account of Ebony musician death, one of Ghana’s celebrated artist, is that her car ran into a VIP vehicle after her driver tried all he could to avoid to a construction sand that was along the road. This accident resultantly led to the death of Ebony gospel musician, her friend and body guard. This account not only checks out but also confirms with the eye witnesses account.

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The above facts are all you need to know about Ebony Ghana’s death. While Ebony’s death is still hurting to her fans, at least the thought and sounds of Ebony songs will go a long way in consoling her fans.

Source: YEN.com.gh

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