Seven doubts you should clarify about Ebony death

Seven doubts you should clarify about Ebony death

Woven with strings of conspiracy, Ebony death qualifies a mystery of the current showbiz in Ghana. Why it happened is still a subject of public debate, with a fraction of the population having their bias towards witchcraft, government negligence, and jealous competitors. The internet is awash with all versions of stories purporting why the newly discovered music sensation died. With only 20 years in her life, the young artist seemed to be making significant strides in the Ghanaian entertainment scene. Some fans think that she could have made it to the list of top African artist if only she had more time to create music, maybe even switch to ebony gospel songs.

Seven Doubts You Should Clarify About Ebony Death

Ebony reported death came as a surprise to most of her fans, causing a wave of bewilderment across the internet. Of course, this is a common thing with the most upcoming artist who pulls much attention from the public. The doubts clouding her death, however, cannot go unnoticed.

Death of ebony

1. An act of God

Was it an act of God? This has been one of the questions doing rounds on social media. This was in a bid to connect the accident to Prophet Nigel Gaisie prophecy about the death of ebony. In his prophecy, prophet Gaisie reportedly said lest Ebony changes her ways, she will meet her sudden death through an accident. A revelation that has soon come to pass, according to the latest reports.

2. Witchcraft

The story as it is according to counselor George Lutterodt, Ebony’ death was planned by the witches in her family. According to his script, the witches could not stand the success of ebony music, opting for death as a means of satisfying their want.

Seven Doubts You Should Clarify About Ebony Death

3. Jealousy

Ebony Ghana was quickly becoming a brand name that sends people dancing with the mention of the name. To some, this is a worthy reason for malicious feelings from competitors, in the music scene, leaving fans wondering what role jealousy played in the demise of the talented artist and ebony songs in general.

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4. Government

It was reported that the accident occurred on the road under construction whose contractors were a bit sloppy on observing the law. Apparently, a section of the two-way road was filled with sand, making it a one-way road with no proper signs. What do you expect from such incompetence? This has left most Ghanaians with an opinion, faulting the government over the unscrupulous handling of its affairs, which led to the accident and an end of life.

Seven Doubts You Should Clarify About Ebony Death

5. Just an accident

Reportedly, the accident occurred in the most usual accident setting along the Sanyani-Kumasi road. This, however, does not pacify incompetence of the government on this particular matter.

6. Vodoo

Some prophets have reportedly linked Ebony Gh, with Voodoo. Is their account of events true? Nonetheless, this has caught the attention of a broken father, Nana Opoku kwarteng, who has been reported, asking the prophets to stop tarnishing the name of her daughter.

7. Timely death

What comes from the dust shall return to the dust, might sound poetic, but is the reality for Ebony Ghanaian musician. In spite of all the conspiracies surrounding her death, there is none, which has the power to bring her back to life.

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