What it's like to live with Jackie Appiah? The story of her successful family life

What it's like to live with Jackie Appiah? The story of her successful family life

Ghanaian actress Jackie Appiah is one of the most sensational and eye-catching figures in the Ghallywood films. Her breathtaking beauty and style are without a doubt, a thing to talk about any day. Watching the movies starred by Jackie Appiah is intriguing. However, people ask, is Jackie Appiah married? What’s the deal between Jackie Appiah and Van Vicker? What is it like to live with Jackie Appiah? It is no secret that Jackie Appiah has meticulously kept her marriage and personal life tucked. Hidden away from the glare of the public limelight. However, to answer some of these questions, here is the story of her successful family life, or otherwise.

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Have you ever wondered how it is like to see your wife kissing other men? It is obviously unimaginable to many. This is because kissing is one of the most divine actions meant to be shared only between couples. However, this may not be the case for actors. Their job entails having to shoot scenes where intimacy is involved. Jackie Appiah’s marriage may not be much different. Being married to an actress, it means that Jackie Appiah’s husband will have to live with such realities. It begs the question how is it like to live with Jackie Appiah? Is her story one of success in family life?

Jackie Appiah

Jackie Appiah, now 35 years of age, was born in Canada. She is one of the most talked-about Ghanaian actresses. A multiple time award winner of various titles in the film industry, Jackie Appiah continues to stun the screens. On the flipside of her professional career, Jackie Appiah’s marriage life seems to be flourishing.

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Is Jackie Appiah married?

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Jackie Appiah got married in 2005 to Peter Agyemang in a colorful wedding. Their union was blessed with a handsome son. Unfortunately, after few years in marriage the couple went through storms that they could no longer bear. Jackie Appiah and her husband, after going through a series of disagreements, decided to get a divorce.

Although it is uncertain what led to the dissolution of their marriage, reports indicate that the star is happier now. The beautiful Canadian born actress admits that sometimes that which leads to marriage may lead to divorce. Love was not just enough to avoid the collapse of their marriage.

Jackie Appiah and family

Even after the terrible divorce, Jackie Appiah seems to be fairing on quite well. She is currently dating Nigerian actor Bobby Obodo. The dating couple seems quite happy in their photo sessions. It has even been variously reported that Bobby has visited Jackie Appiah’s family and gotten their blessing.

The two have been spotted together in numerous occasions together looking happy. Although Jackie Appiah denies on the public scene that they are a couple, the two seem quite inseparable. It is clear from her conduct that she wants to keep her private life secret. Time will tell how things go with Jacki Appiah’s new found love.

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