Nigerian African dresses to rock in 2020 (photos)

Nigerian African dresses to rock in 2020 (photos)

Staying fashionable and keeping up with trends is a new obsession for many Ghanaian. This explains the latest fashion dresses that keep popping with designers working extra hard to bring something fresh to the market. The goal is to make African women stand out in the inspired outfits. Check out the following dresses and see which on you will rock soonest for your next event especially if you are keen on making a lasting impression.

Nigerian Latest African Dresses to Rock in Ghana

You do not have to struggle with the latest African dresses to get for a formal, causal or relaxed event coming up soon. African designers seem to be putting in extra hours to keep the industry flooded with chic attires. Checkout the following dresses that Ghanaians wear.

Latest African dresses 2020

African fashion got hyped after the London fashion week of 2020 with renowned designers showcasing different African wears. Ever since, the African print became a thing in world fashion as its popularity spread fast. The love for the African fabric rose due to its versatility with most people choosing to identify it is a perfect fit borrowing from every culture around the world. It combines bits of the European, Asian, African and western fashion.

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Nigerian Latest African Dresses to Rock in Ghana

You can almost do anything with the African fabric from making long to short dresses, shorts and pants, skirts and jackets as well as accessories to match. The African wear continues to take its position in the world as most designers embrace it. This has seen a number of dresses styles released. Check out the following photos for the 2020 release.

Latest African dresses 2020

The fashion trend continued to diversify even in 2020 as designers get more creative and competitive. Different dress styles have been invented top among them being the free flowing gowns and figure hugging attires. Whether you are looking for a simple short skirt or a flowing maxi dress then 2020 brings you something that perfectly covers your needs. This is the year that bring unique and stylish wear for everyone regardless of shape and size. Check out the latest African dresses styles as discussed below. Chances are that you will find a perfect dress for yourself.

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Nigerian Latest African Dresses to Rock in Ghana- latest African Dresses 2018

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Latest African dresses fashion

Nigerian Latest African Dresses to Rock in Ghana- Latest African dresses fashion

It seems as though designers have been putting in extra hours to come up with dresses that are exotic and true to the African woman’s nature. Here is a list to consider.

1. The Ola dress

This free flowing dress comes with an A-line and sleeveless design making it a perfect choice for the hot summers.

2. The Chica dress

This you wear when you want to represent the true queen that you are. It comes with ruffled sleeves and a sexy neckline that will definitely make you the hottest Ghana chic in town.

3. Mira maxi

For the days that you wish to appear modest. What’s more, the Ankara headgear completes the perfect church look you may be trying to accomplish.

4. Party dress

Get to wear your favorite African dress to your party. It comes with a playful patchwork making the halter top dress with Ankara skirt exotic. With this you still get pull the attention of everyone that looks your way without saying a thing.

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5. The Nkem dress

This midi dress style works for women of all ages. This is one of the classic wears with shirtsleeve styles you must have in your closet.

6. The Zeina dress

This off shoulder design is the in thing now especially with the hot weather.

7. The jolly dress

This is the combination of conservative and sexy all in one attire. The combination of both bold and loose pleats on the sleeves makes the attire unique and gives it a contrasting brilliance that you can never go wrong with.

8. The Dsmaini shift dress

If you are the kind of person that is obsessed with uniqueness then this hand stitched dress is your gem find. It will give you the relaxed yet sophisticated look as it is customized for you.

9. The Joko dress

Vintage inspired dress with sleeves that are exaggerated yet well calculated to achieve the perfect bow at the neckline.

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10. Ayawax fitting dress

For the lovers of details then this would be a dress they find and maybe stop shopping.

11. The cocktail dress

African cocktail dress is a one shoulder action attire that will make you stand out in a crowd. The Ankara print is excellent especially when paired with a metallic belt for the waist.

There is so much to explore in terms of dresses that we cannot exhaust them in this single write up. It is all a matter of creativity and working with your tailor to recreate a design that perfectly suits your personality. Other dresses to look out for include the Buba dress, Ankara backless dress, Hawa dress, Rebecca dress, raven dress, Mansa dress, mixed princess dress and the Efe dress among others.

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Latest African fashion styles

Check out the latest African dresses style if you have been wondering where to start. These should be an inspiration for anyone looking to stand out.

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Aso Abi style

This is a traditionally inspired Yoruba dress from Nigeria. Modern designers have weaved this style into modern maxi attire that will make you the envy of your group. It goes with a modern Gele head wrap. Together the two make a perfect attire combo for a wedding or any formal gathering you may want to grace.

Nigerian Latest African Dresses to Rock in Ghana- aso abi style

Ankara style

It is almost impossible to talk about African wear without mentioning Ankara. This print and style is no longer just a preserved of the West African countries since it has spread all over the world. The Ankara makes perfect attires for every person regardless of age and gender. Ankara works for practically every event especially if it is done well. Find a good tailor.

Gele style

With designers going an extra mile and working around the clock, the Gele has been transformed into a chic Asian turban that even the young can now rock. Gone are the days when it was considered boring and old fashioned. It is an important accessory for anyone looking to achieve an African look by accessorizing.

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Nigerian Latest African Dresses to Rock in Ghana- gele style

Dashiki style

The unique print and pattern on the dashiki makes it a perfect dress or shirt for women. It was earlier considered a male attire but things have since changed. Working women are seen comfortably wearing dashiki styles. It’s both stylish and convenient.

Clearly when one decides to go African there is nothing that can hold them back. Not with the many choices available to them. Enjoy rocking what works for you from the many available varieties.

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