When will prophets forget about Shatta Wale?

When will prophets forget about Shatta Wale?

Is Shatta Wale dead? You probably are asking yourself the same question we are following the numerous rumours making rounds about Shatta Wale death. Prophets in Ghana have taken far the statement that bad publicity is still good publicity with most of them giving death prophesies about the Ghanaian musician’s death. While this latest Shatta Wale news has not been received well in most of the musician’s quarters, it is just a matter of time before this news are silenced forever.

Shatta Wale

Death has always been a very sensitive issue more so in the African tradition with most people choosing to discuss this matter in harsh tones. Not anymore! What is baffling most people is how the death subject found its space in our contemporary society with even some pastors are prophets finding it normal to prophecy on a living individual regarding their death.

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Shatta Wale death prophesies

Even before Ebony’s death could sink into the mind of Ghanaians, another prophet by the name Prophet-Cosmos Walker Affran took to his social media page to announce his so-called prophesy on Shatt Wale. According to Prophet-Cosmos Walker African on his Facebook post that read “Ghana should pray, I see a national mourning again the whole nation was in tears and this time is Ghanaian singer “Shatta wale”, and it is very close “death”.” Thou saith the Lord. ”

Shatta Wale 2017- When will Shatta Wale death’s prophesy end?

Shatta Wale 2017- When will Shatta Wale death’s prophesy end?

2018 is far is proving to be one of the difficulty years in the Ghanaian entertainment industry if the recent death prophesies in the industry are anything to go by. However, the good news is that things are bound to change. For years no end Shatta Wale songs have been some of the biggest sources of entertainment in the country. In addition to Wale’s quality music, it can also be remembered that the musician has been fore on the front when it comes to entertainment in Ghana with the most recent being Ebony’s death claims.

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Coming to Wale’s aid, fellow musicians such as Davido have openly refuted the death claims, assuring Wale of long life. The other person who will make these false prophets forget about Shatta Wale’s death claims is the musician's father. According to Shatta Wale latest news, the musician’s father has just sued the prophets wishing death on his son and a fact that might see other prophets end their false prophesies.

When will prophets forget about shatta wale? After the lawsuits are done in the court of law and then fines administered, then the prophets will know to always think twice before airing their prophesies and more so when it comes to life and death issues of an individual. However, until then let’s all enjoy Shatta Wale music.

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