Central University College - courses offered and their fees

Central University College - courses offered and their fees

Central University College is a Christian based institution that has been in operation since 1998. The university is privately owned by the International Central Gospel Church. After operating as a college for many years, the institution received a charter from the president in 2016 to operate as a university.

Central University College courses offered and their fees

Courses Offered at Central University College.

The institution takes pride in developing a well-rounded learner who is skilled to help their immediate community and impact the world. This is achieved through the various courses offered by Central University College. We have compiled a list of the courses offered in Central University College. The courses offered in Central University College are very competitive and marketable by many of the employers in Ghana.

Central University College Course Outline.

Faculty of Law

The course is offered at the main Miosto campus. The school was recently launched as one of Central University College courses offered.

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The school offers a Bachelor Degree of Laws. Learners are equipped with more than what it takes to be a lawyer, they are equipped with transferable skills.

Central Business School

Bsc. of Accounting and Finance

Students are equipped with the relevant skills needed in the business field. Learners develop the deeper understanding of different aspects relating to business such as accountancy practices, commerce and finance.

Central University College courses offered and their fees

Bsc. Agribusiness

Agriculture is one of the most important sectors of the economy. Students here learn to develop business skills when it comes to handling agricultural products. Learners are taught the intermittent relationship between agriculture and business.

Bsc. Marketing

Students are taught key customer values and expectations that will guide them in preparing marketing plans that will suit the needs and preferences of customers.

Bsc. Human Resource Management

Learners are equipped with skills and strategies to become experts in Human Resource. They are taught concepts and theories in order to develop an understanding of what the course entails.

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School of Applied Sciences

Bsc. Nursing

Learners are equipped with hands-on techniques and skills in the medical world. The final clinical year students are attached to a hospital to apply their skills learnt from school.

Central University College courses offered and their fees

Bsc. Civil Engineering

Learners are equipped with skills on how to handle designs, construction and maintenance of natural built phenomena on the environment. They also learn how to supervise, operate and maintain construction projects.

Bsc. Architecture

Learners are taught the profession of planning and designing structures and buildings. They also are equipped with relevant skills to come up with new and improved skills to improve the architectural world.

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School of Theology and Missions

BA Biblical and Historic Studies

Learners learn how to decipher the bible and other historic happenings in the past and their connection to the present life. They also answer some religious questions in the current world.

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BA Church Administration

Students learn the procedure of stewardship of the resources of the church for the fulfillment of the work of ministry.

BA Family Counseling and Theology

Students here are equipped with professional skills on how to offer counseling services to families on a Christian point of view.

Central University College courses offered and their fees

School of Arts and Social Sciences

BA English

Students have the opportunity to read through the full and range of literature written in English. They are also equipped with knowledge on cultural, historical and regional backgrounds.

BA French

Students get to understand the building blocks of language and also gain practical skills when it comes to the French language. They also learn aspects of French such as language, linguistics, history and art.

BA Economics

Students have a front row seat to understand the modern economic policies and analysis. Learners are equipped with quantitative skills on how to approach economics in the current world.

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BA Environmental and Developmental

Learners are equipped with modern environmental tools and techniques in order to achieve sustainable development with respect to the environment.

Central University College courses offered are approved by the Ministry of Education. The Central University College courses and fees depend on various factors such as academic performance of student during the high school national exams.

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