Why is everyone talking about Fella Makafui?

Why is everyone talking about Fella Makafui?

Have you been following the latest gossip? Well, if not, you've been missing a lot! Since February 20, the Ghanaian entertainment scene has been turned into a battleground with the main contenders being Fella Makafui, Efia Ado and Sista Afia. The triple threat match has seen the use of vulgar and maligning jabs.

Why is everyone talking about Fella Makafui?

The pictures of Fella Makafui and Medikal on the beach added fuel to the situation. The beef has even caught the attention of other industry heavyweights who are weighing in their sentiments.

One of the celebrities caught in the crossfire is Ghanaian comedienne, Jacinta Ocansey. The comedienne's sentiments were however not reconciling but rather throwing jabs at all contestants in the beef. But what more can you expect from Ghana’s funniest woman in the comedy industry?

You have probably seen a glimpse of the videos the three stars posted, if you have not seen them yet then you are missing out on the fun. The comedienne made fun of the accents of stars featured in the videos. Especially Efia Ado’s accent which is reminiscent of the Queen’s dialect.

Why is everyone talking about Fella Makafui?

Ghanaian rapper, Medikal and actress, Fella Makafui

She went even further to explain why Fella Makafui has not yet replied to all the allegations made by the Ghanaian actress Efia Odo. She sighted that her mastery of the Queen’s language and accent shook off Fella Makafui from a comeback. But she urged the three ladies to find an amicable solution.

The beef all started when Efia Ado Insulted Fella Makafui for pretending to be the late Ebony’s friend when shed tears during her celebrations. She further accused her of going behind her back during her rise to fame. She did not stop here, she further alleged that the YOLO actress was sleeping around with Medikal and other hosts of famous politicians, judging from Fella Makufui photos.

Why is everyone talking about Fella Makafui?

Efia Odo

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These maligning allegations angered singer Sista Efia who retaliated by calling out Efia for trying to ruin the reputation of Fella Makafui. She also alleged that Efia slept around with many men but did not have the finances to finish panting her house. The beef took a personal turn as it got nastier and nastier every day.

Fella Makafui chose to be silent in the midst of this ‘cold war.’ Fella Makafui's movie career has been skyrocketing even since her feature in the series YOLO where she assumed the role of a bread vendor who is head over heels over a one-night stand.

Even though Fella Makafui's age has been kept in the dark, the uprising star has a lot to offer in the Ghanaian movie industry. Her choice to keep away from replying to Efia Ado’s statement shows maturity and this forms part of Fella Makafui’s biography. She has been taunted by many as Ghana’s next big thing.

Why is everyone talking about Fella Makafui?

Sista Efia

Controversies are part and parcel of any celebrity life. And she does not fall short of this. Pitching from Fella Makafui’s dancing videos which have left many tongues wagging. Even to posting videos on her Snapchat page entering a ‘souped up’ car leaving fans wondering could this be Fella Makafui’s car?

In the midst of all the hatred being thrown her way she has really maintained composure. Despite not knowing Fella Makafui's school background, Fellareally has some entrepreneurial skills which she has grealy put into practice. While her name was being dragged through the mud on social media, she still kept her head up during the launch of Fella Wine and Liquor.

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The beef seems to be hitting an unexpected halt after a video surfaced of Efia Odo presumably apologizing for her antics against Fella Makafui. She blamed her rave as the heat of the moment. She also hinted that she has given her life to Christ. We are still hopefully waiting for Fella Makafui to put the last nail on the coffin to clear the air on this nightmare.

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