Which of these driving jobs in Ghana would you choose?

Which of these driving jobs in Ghana would you choose?

Are you a qualified driver looking for employment in Ghana, but do not know where to start? There are many different types of driving jobs in Ghana that haven’t been grasped yet. Forget the traditional taxi driver job that has been in existence for ages.

Driving jobs in Ghana

It has become too common, if you are a qualified driver, think outside of the box. Here are some tips on some of the current driving jobs in Ghana:

Personal Driver Jobs in Ghana

I was so excited when Uber taxi was launched to operate in Accra. Uber is one of the latest driving jobs in Ghana. So how is Uber different from normal taxi cabs? A normal taxi cab has to go through the hustle of finding customers, then bargaining the prices. At the end of the day, you end up earning so much less than you expected.

With Uber, all you have to go is enroll on the Uber Driver app on your smartphone. Give them documents such as proof of license, years of experience, insurance of car. Your vehicle will go through a thorough screening process and once you certify the board, you will be enrolled into their system as their driver.

Driving jobs in Ghana

Hence, when a customer needs a ride, you will be alerted by the firm on their location and estimated time of arrival. The Uber taxi app connects you with all nearby customers in need of you services. No stress of convincing customers to take your ride. They offer convenient means of payment ranging from weekly or monthly salary.

Have you thought of being a chauffeur? Chauffeuring is one of the most respected driver jobs in Ghana. Qualified drivers have the opportunity to drive around high-end celebrities and important Government dignitaries. It is a professional job where you show up to work with full work attire. The salary is very satisfying compared to that of an ordinary taxi driver in Accra.

Latest Driving Jobs in Ghana

Driving jobs in Ghana

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You have probably had a first-hand experience with door-to- delivery. But have you really put in the thought that pick-up and delivery is another form driving work in Ghana? Do not assume it, many people today in Ghana order goods and services online. Many of the start-up firms employ drivers to pick-up and deliver goods and services.

For example, online shopping has become a craze over the years. Small businesses have jumped into this bandwagon and are offering door-to-door delivery. As a qualified driver, you can take advantage of this as a part time job. It can really add in your total monthly earnings. The best part is not many drivers are aware of these opportunities.

Driving jobs in Ghana

Courier services delivery are another opportunity for drivers in Ghana. In order to fit into this job description, you must possess a clean driving history. You must have a clean criminal record. Your level of experience will also give you an edge over your competitors. Courier services include delivery of goods and services to customers on specific routes.

Your knowledge about the routes in Ghana comes in handy here. You will also be in charge of inspection of the vehicles before deliveries. You will be required to meet the specifications of the customer when it comes to place of destination and attaining customer confirmations on delivered goods and services.

Tanker Driving Jobs in Greater Accra

Driving jobs in Ghana

There are many tanker driving jobs in Greater Accra. It mainly involves transport of heavy and bulk material or liquids by road. Drivers require a large commercial vehicle with at least a 2-year experience in driving lorries. They also require a license from the relevant transport authority in order to operate in these lines of business.

This is quite a demanding job since it requires total commitment. Drivers are under strict instructions. The drivers need to be awake for long periods since the transport can take up to a week. Drivers have long working hours which can last 56 hours a week. The job is usually done in shifts. Although the work is strenuous, the pay is very satisfying.

If you are a qualified driver with experience, think outside the box. With the many opportunities in the industry, it is better to stand out from the rest. Many drivers are earning an honest living with some of these methods mentioned above.

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