8 bitter issues boiling in the hearts of Ghanaians now

8 bitter issues boiling in the hearts of Ghanaians now

Ghana is a very nice place to live in. The peace and serenity of this country is something that many nations across the globe can only dream of.

However, for every person there is always that one particular thing that tries to either spoil your mood or make your life complicated.

In Ghana, such things are commonplace and you can be forgiven for thinking you have traveled to a paradise if it’s your first time in this country.

From politics to transport to utilities, among others, that daily hustles of life in Ghana are as real as ever.

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1. High cost of fuel

Currently, the number one source of worry for many Ghanaians is the high cost of fuel in the country. Just two months into 2018 and fuel prices have been increased multiple times already.

Public transport drivers have been hit the hardest, and already they have hit the streets to demonstrate, promising to stage another if the situation is not improved by government.

Passengers of these public vehicles have also not been left out, having been the ones to bear the consequences of the fuel hikes.

2. Bad roads

Sometimes it’s better to walk than attempt driving your car to some areas. This is because the nature of some roads in this country are downright terrible.

Facing a lot of potholes is in itself a big problem, but driving on a muddy, untarred road is another thing on its own, and it can get really frustrating.

3. Traffic

Have you really been in a hurry to get to a place before? Then definitely you may have a story to tell about the jammed traffic situation in Ghana.

Sometimes its gets so serious that you are better off parking your car and trekking to your destination.

Other times the traffic can be a bit 'loose', but the sheer stubbornness of some drivers will still make sure you get to your destination late.

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4. Security

Ghana has always been known to be a peaceful country, devoid of troubles and confusion. However, in recent months, the situation has gotten worrying.

The erstwhile stable security of the country appears to have been a thing of the past, with chaos roaring its head in some parts.

Recently, Police and military personnel have also found themselves on the receiving end of attacks from armed robbers. Such a situation has obviously made every Ghanaian cautious.

5. Water

Ghana is surrounded by a lot of water bodies, but not even that has helped to completely solve the water problem in the country.

You may be lucky to have pipe water flowing through your home, but the fact is that there are many other communities that are facing water shortage problems.

Recently, the Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) warned that a timetable will be made to communicate the times at which the affected areas will have water. If this is not frustrating then nothing else is.

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6. Dollar rate

For many Ghanaians who are into the import and export of goods, the rising rate of the dollar as against the cedi has struck a huge blow.

As it stands the GHC 1 equates to almost $4.50, and that is really affecting many businesses in the country.

Worse off, the cedi doesn’t look like it will catch up any time soon, as the dollar rate continues to rise with each passing month.

7. GTV’s poor programmes

If you are a fan of Ghanaian television then certainly GTV must have, at one point or the other, gotten on your nerves.

This is supposed to be the “Station of the Nation” yet some of their programmes can really make you quit watching local television,

From their studio set ups to content, it just does not appeal to the Ghanaian citizen who wants to use TV as a leisure or while away some time.

8. Sanitation

One really embarrassing thing about Ghana is that whenever the country is mentioned anywhere, one word that comes to mind is filth.

You will hardly walk past an area without spotting rubbish and garbage spread out everywhere. Indeed, sanitation has been one of the biggest problems of Ghana, and despite numerous efforts to mitigate the situation, very little improvement has been seen.

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