How to check WAEC result without scratch card

How to check WAEC result without scratch card

West African Examination Council (WAEC) has come up with another process of checking your results without the scratch cards. Read on to get the other ways to check your results, but keep in mind that your secret pin should not be disclosed.

How to check WAEC result without scratch card.

How to Check WAEC Result without Scratch Card.

As much as the scratch cards are still required because of the reasons below we shall guide you through how to check your WAEC results without the scratch card:

  • They make money for WAEC office.
  • They protected the results.
  • The WAEC office are able to control and track of activities going on the portal.

How the Candidates can use the Website to Check WAEC Results.

Here is how to check WAEC results online. You need to connect your PC or your mobile phone with any internet network connection. Follow the systematic instructions given below:

  1. Use any browser and visit
  2. Do you have your WAEC index number? Well, make sure you enter the 10 digits correctly.
  3. Enter your WAEC exam year of completion.
  4. Enter the exam type you did.
  5. Your correct secret pin is needed. If you give a wrong pin, you won’t be able to get your results.
  6. Submit your personal information and patiently wait for your results.
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How to check WAEC result without scratch card.

How to Check the GCE Results without Scratch Card Via SMS.

Keep in mind that your secret pin will also be needed to check your results by using the text process. It is very simple and affordable. The SMS cost is only N30. The format requires non-spaced text and send it to a short code 32327. Here is how to do it:

You are required to send an SMS using the format that the article will show you. Your exam year, your index number, and your pin are required. For example, if your year of completion is 2018, your pin is 220789815087, and your index number is 10725899922. You should send an SMS to 32327 like this:


How to Check WAEC Results without Scratch Card Pin.

A scratch card pin is always required to get your WAEC results. The two ways provided above are the only processes currently provided by the WAEC office. You can never get your results without:

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1. Your scratch card secret pin and it is very important. Others call it as their serial number.

2. You have to get ready to spend a few amount money to run the process.

3. You need to remember your correct given index number. The first 7 digits are the center numbers and the rest 3 digits are the are your digits. Which gives a total of 10 digits.

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