Things we can learn from state protocol "goof" saga"

Things we can learn from state protocol "goof" saga"

Ghanaians were quick to condemn government's Director of State Protocol, Mr. Hassan Ahmed, when a video where he appeared to be snubbed by the Governor of Nevada after offering to shake his hand went viral.

Although now a new video of the same event has also gone viral, but only because this one proves that the Director of State Protocol was not snubbed, but was rather showing Ghana's President his designated seat.

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Now as people attempt to mask their "fast-draw" judgmental comments and sentiments, put together a series of things we thought one could learn from the entire issue.

Things we can learn from state protocol "goof" saga"

1. Never be too quick to judge

Being too quick to draw conclusions is a mistake that has been advised against since humans acquired the ability to reason. The issue of the Director of State Protocol's case is a true example that the saying "quick to judge, slow to understand" is very much founded in experience.

2. Things aren't always what they seem

A Huffington Post contributor wrote about how a sound he undoubtedly thought to have been the sound of his car "dying" ended up being someone using a power tool nearby. A lot of time what we see is not the full story, and requires that we pay attention a little more before we draw conclusions.

3. Perspectives matter

If anything, this is probably the clearest lesson regarding this entire issue. Seen from one angle, the scene looks pretty much the Director of Protocol was snubbed. Nevertheless, seen from a different angle, an entirely different sequence of events is seen.

4. Ask the right questions, there's almost always another side to a story

Some times when things look like what they seem from all perspectives, even when one is not quick to judge, the only way to find out if things truly are what they seem is to ask questions. Moreover, one ought to endeavor to ask the right questions too.

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