How to fill Ghana passport form

How to fill Ghana passport form

Flights are becoming cheaper day by day, and with globalization, companies are investing anywhere in the world. You could be Ghanaian but you end up getting a job in South Africa! Traveling is now easier and cheaper than before, and this is why a passport is a must have!

How to fill Ghana passport form

A passport is an essential amenity for all citizens who wish to travel to other countries. The passports are issued by the ministry of foreign affairs and Regional Integration and passport can only be given to Ghanaian citizens. There are three types of passports, the regular, service and diplomatic. The passports facilitate travel to most countries in the world, but some countries require a visa. Due to the advanced technology, you can easily apply for a passport online. All you need to do is log in to and fill the online form.

Ghana passport application online

Once you fill the online form there are certain mandatory requirements that you should meet.

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  • Ghanaian citizenship- this applies for those born in Ghana, and their parents are Ghanaians. Also this applies to those that are married by Ghanaians, or those that acquired citizenship through naturalization.
How to fill Ghana passport form

Ghana Consulate New York

How to fill Ghana passport form

You must fill the mandatory fields and attach the following;

  • Proof of citizenship

To prove your citizenship, you must provide the following things too

  • The original and a copy of the birth certificate
  • An old passport if you have any
  • A declaration in court that is made by a parent of the applicant
  • A certified affidavit by the head of family in respect to the applicant
  • Passport size photographs, four of them. In the passport photo, one should not be wearing hats or glasses and the background should be plain. The passport photos are accompanied by guarantor or witnesses.
How to fill Ghana passport form
  • State the applicant’s name clearly
  • Have two eligible guarantors. They should be Ghanaians by nationality.
  • Have a witness, also a Ghana citizen.
  • For the children, that are under 18 years of age, the parents should download a parent consent form. This form should be signed by the biological parents to prove that they are the parents. In cases where the biological parents are not alive, the guardians too can download and sign the form.
What you need to know about the mass registration of the Ghana Card

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After filling the application form, a fee must be paid. For example in the Denmark embassy, a fee of 2100DKK is applicable for the new applicants, for the renewal of an expired passport a fees of 1300DKK is required. If one loses the passport, they must follow the guidelines and apply for another. In this case a fee of 1300DKK is required. For the children under 18, a fee of 1300 is required. The fee is accompanied by the parent's consent form. Other fees apply for postage. These fees are very different depending on the embassies. Some embassies cost more than others. Every embassy has it’s a certain bank that the fees should be paid. Payment in cash is also allowed. If the application does not go through, the fee is non-refundable.

Application completion

Once you have applied and you are sure that you have filled the Ghana passport form well, the form should be taken to the embassy individually or send it to the respective embassy. It takes about one month for a passport to be processed if the applicant meets all the requirements. If not, the embassy sends an email to the applicant.

Visa agents in Ghana
How to fill Ghana passport form

Ghana passport application centers

For more inquiries about the Ghana passport forms, you can visit the following application centers;

  • Accra- at Kinbu road, the old foreign affairs building
  • Kumasi at ministries of Adum
  • Takoradi at the Ghana immigration head quarters
  • Sunyani near jubilee
  • Ho – regional administration
  • Tamale near police park
  • Ridge
How to fill Ghana passport form

Outside view of the Passport Application Centre in Accra, Ghana

In all those centers you can collect an application form for your passport and follow the above requirements. The Ghana biometric passport application form is available for people who want passports in Ghana.

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