Batman vs Black Panther: Who is smarter?

Batman vs Black Panther: Who is smarter?

Btaman vs Black Panther, such a dilemma! Batman movie gifted us with one of the brilliant minds when it comes to superheroes. Crime fighting is not always about who is mightier in strength. Even the great Hulk himself values the input of Banner.

Batman vs Black Panther: Who is smarter?

The entry of Black Panther the movie into the scene has brought about a different conversation. Batman v Black Panther have so much in common ranging from their tactics and armored bodysuits.

We can’t denounce that both are equally talented in their skills set. According to Black Panther 2018 movie, he uses his brain to get into the head of the villain Killmonger. Joker is a rather hard nut to crack in the Batman movie. He is the master of mind games, but Batman at the end manages to get the best of Joker.

So, this brings us to the main quarrel, given the facts that they are both intelligent in their own rights. Between Black Panther full movie and other installations of Batman movies, who is smarter than the other.

Batman vs Black Panther: Who is smarter?

Education background

Black Panther is ranked as the 8th smartest person in the Marvel comics. To top this off, he holds a degree in Physic from the Oxford University. He also has a photographic ability to remember things from way back. He has traveled across the world and one time invented a time machine but unfortunately it didn't work. He is behind the use of vibranium in Wakanda to make weapons.

Batman on the other hand holds many degrees than his contender in mathematics, computer science and physics. He used his skills to make his own armored suit just like Black Panther. He is the mastermind of his own Batcave which has very unique security weapons. He also invented the Batmobile which he uses as his source of transport in Gotham.

Batman vs Black Panther: Who is smarter?

Brain in Fighting

A good fighter uses his brain in a fight. Black Panther uses his fighting and hunting skills to take down Killmonger. He even stood a chance when he faced off Doctor Doom. He also had an easy time taking down Namor. He also gave Captain America a hard time in their battle. He also has impeccable fighting skills which he learnt since he was a child.

Batman on the other hand is no different either. It is not easy to pick out the smarter one here since they both fit the title. Despite being a normal human being unlike Black Panther who is superhuman, he still takes on some of the villains who have surpassed him in might and capacity.

Batman vs Black Panther: Who is smarter?

Leadership skills

This is where Black Panther single handedly defeats Batman. First off, Black Panther is the king of Wakanda. He uses all his might to protect his people. He holds strong in what he believes is right even if it means fighting against his allies like Captain America. He even avenges Wakanda by fighting against Klaw who is mightier than him.

Batman on the other hand is no king or leader. He is more of a lone wolf. Even though he is part of the Justice League, he still does things his way and does not value the spirit of team work. He also lives alone life not letting anyone in his Batcave.

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Batman vs Black Panther: Who is smarter?


Even though Batman in the ‘Dark Knight’ has the chance to get rid of Joker, he still lets him live. He does not kill any of the villains in all of his sequels. Even when his parents were killed in front of his eyes, he does not seek revenge but rather guards Gotham city of all evil.

Black Panther on the other hand does not hesitate when it comes to ending a life which possesses a threat to the Wakanda people. This is the smart move since Batman’s failure to kill Joker only made him stronger as he learnt from his mistakes. We still are waiting for Joker to strike Gotham City again.

Batman vs Black Panther: Who is smarter?


When it comes to fighting crime, it is wise to keep a list of friends to help in times of trials. Batman has a host of friends whom he shuts out from the Justice League. His past makes him harder to trust people. Other heroes in ‘dark days’ view him as arrogant and irritating. He does things his way and does not wait for back up.

Black Panther on the other hand values friendship. In ‘civil war’ he offers protection to Steve Rogers. He also has a close relationship with his warriors. Black Panther news also confirm that he was married to Storm but since he was torn between Wakanda people and love, he had to let the relationship go.

After this, it is up to you to decide whether who is smarter. But it is a matter of which superhero you like more. Many like the arrogant and irritating character of Batman which is quite the opposite of Black Panther who carries himself in a certain decorum.

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