5 useful lessons to learn from Efia Odo

5 useful lessons to learn from Efia Odo

Ghanaian actress Efia Odo has become a force to reckon with in the industry despite all the controversies that seem to surround her. Many people judge her based on the current headlines she creates but forget that her climb to the top has been one long roller coaster ride. Heavy criticism has been laid over Efia Odo’s images but she still stands strong to date.

5 useful lessons to learn from Efia Odo

As part of Efia Odo movie career, controversies are part of the package that comes with popularity. So, before you write her off, here are some lessons you can take from her. The lessons are both the good and bad, since there is no one perfect. Take your time, you will surely appreciate the effort she has put in achieve her current status

1. Hard work and Hustle

Many people think that celebrities are made over night. They do not see the effort it takes behind the scenes. Despite Efia Odo’s age, she used to hawk water around the streets of Accra. On Efia Odo’s Facebook, you can see some of her pictures while she was still hustling. Even with her beauty, she valued the principles of hard work.

That why Efia Odo’s bio is of a tough, consistent and hard-working woman who worked her way through all the hardships to accomplish her success. It serves as a wakeup call to other upcoming actresses that nothing comes on a golden platter.

2. Power of Social Media

Just like the adage goes, with great power, comes great responsibilities. Efia Odo’s Instagram is impressive. She achieved her popularity on Instagram which founder her movie career. She caught the attention of many youth who emulate her after the Efia Odo, Shatta wale saga. Even though it is for the wrong reasons, you can’t deny her impact on the lives of the youth.

Imagine channeling her power to address some of the emerging issues affecting the youth in Ghana. She still has not captured her gift to grow a youth generation that is feed on values. It proves to show us that the only way we ca get through our youth is through their version of ‘celebrity’ which includes Efia Odo.

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3. Value of Christ in Life

Nothing in life is possible without the intervention of Christ. The actress recently gave her life to Christ. And this is no publicity stunt that people may dismiss. She even started attending church services at the Maker’s Chapel. The death of fallen Ghanaian dancehall queen Ebony Reigns acted as a catalyst in her quest to reconcile with God.

She confessed on social media that she has given her life to Christ. This really took her fans by shock as it was the least thing they expected from her. As a ‘role model’ to other youth, she really has set a good example for others.

4. Humility and Forgiveness

You are probably in the wake of the backlash the star had on fellow actress Fella Makafui. It reached the point where insults and maligning allegations were traded. This created a stir in the industry last week as many people wondered what caused the uproar. The star has however come out openly apologizing for her actions and antics against Fella Makafui.

Efia Odo recognized that she had maligned the reputation of Fella Makafui and was sorry. She blamed her backlash as the heat of the moment. Even though Fella has not yet responded, it shows her humility in accepting her faults and wrong-doings.

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5. Tenacity.

Efia Odo biography is the living proof that the path of celebrity is not as easy as many people pitch it to be. Many people took to social media to attack after Efia Odo and Shatta Wale’s pictures surfaced on them in bed. People resorted to calling her hurtful names, all part of a growing trend of cyber bullying. Assertiveness was evident even after speculations of Effia Odo and Kwadwo Asamoah ‘fling.’

The video of Efia Odo and Kobi Rana also received a lot of destructive criticism from people despite being harmless and a practical failure of a joke gone wrong. She was also dragged down the mud following the Efia Odo and Iyanya ‘steamy relationship.’ She also has received a lot of backlash from Efia Odo’s dancing videos she posts scantily dressed. She has developed a thick skin that protects her from the comments of many people.

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