Jackie Appiah stuns her Instagram followers with the black slit and kaba

Jackie Appiah stuns her Instagram followers with the black slit and kaba

Jackie Appiah has released a series of photos showing her in a black slit and kaba and she is looking terrific! The black beauty Canadian-born Ghanaian actress has often been used as a symbol of beauty for her great body and sense of style. Now she just proved she can go all traditional and still nail it!

All Jackie Appiah photos are to die for. From Instagram to print media, photos just love Appiah, or they love each other. Even when she is simply in sweat pants and sandals, Jackie looks great. Her beautiful broad smile completes this ever gorgeous woman. This latest pictures are worth special mention. If you haven’t been to Instagram lately and Jackie is one of your favorites, read on and get the complete picture.

Jackie Appiah age – the most sought-after fact about her

Jackie’s age is something most of her fans seek to know. The kind of talent she posses, her curvaceous body, great smile, pearl white teeth and melanin rich skin that never seems to age leave people speculating.Well,the actress is a December baby, born on the 5th December 1983.That means she is currently 35 years old.Mid thirties and still youthful, Jackie is one lucky woman.

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Jackie Appiah husband –now ex-husband

2005 was a good year for Jackie as it saw her walk down the aisle in a beautiful wedding whose story was featured tirelessly on media. She had said ‘I DO’ to her business tycoon husband; Peter Agyemang and was happy.

Some years down the line after having a very handsome boy called Damien Peter Agyemang, (Note that Damien was not known to the public until recently) Jackie divorced her husband. The private person she is, she said nothing concerning this matter and left people to speculate. The most popular believe was that Peter had gotten physically abusive to his wife. On this, only Jackie can confirm.

Jackie Appiah Instagram –Of her rich IG profile

If you want to keep your eyes fed on good stuff, follow Jackie Appiah on Instagram .She has a magical touch on every post. You can spend all your entire time on Instagram on Jackie’s profile without knowing it. The actress has fresh pictures every time, beautifully taken. They range from her best days to her normal and lazy days. They are like a story, a beautiful story of her life.

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Who knew Jackie would rock traditional attire so gracefully? Mark you, the slit and kaba is the traditional wear for Ghana women. Considering her foreign attachments, few people thought she ever considered such attire as beautiful. The slit is usually a long wrap around skirt that wraps a woman’s curves while a kaba is the blouse. It may sound plain and old school from this description but when you see the stunning pictures Jackie shared, you will change your mind and probably get yourself one.

Maybe it’s her curves or beauty that makes these pictures extra saucy. Whichever way, slit and kaba have never looked this beautiful.

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