5 reasons why people love Jackie Appiah

5 reasons why people love Jackie Appiah

Jackie Appiah is an adored Nollywood actress. Her screen character is admirable. She flawlessly blends into any movie role, which is the main reason Ghanaians love her. However, there is more to this beautiful actress. Read on and you might be hooked too.

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Jackie Appiah is a renowned Nollywood actresses and a source of pride for Ghana. Many have appreciated Ghana as a home of talent and beauty. Like all entertainment worlds, love and hate may come in equal measure. Find out how Appiah attracts the love.

Jackie Appiah’s Biography

1. Helpful Canadian upbringing

Jackie Appiah was born in Canada on December 5th 1983. She moved back to Ghana with her parents in 1993 where she has since lived. Some people believe that the few years she lived in Canada is one of the things that helped refine her. Her first appearance that left most smitten and in love with her character was when she appeared on the onscreen TV series things we do for love. People fell in love with Enyonam Blagogee, a role she performed excellently in the TV series she first starred in.

jackie appiah son, jackie appiah movies, jackie appiah marriage

2. She has acted with other excellent Ghanaian stars

Jackie Appiah movies have been a hit because of her co-stars. These include Nadia Buari and Van Vicker, Ghana’s finest who helped propel Jackie to stardom. It is not surprising that her associations with the best in the industry in Ghana and beyond has helped her accumulate accolades from numerous wins and nominations.

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3. Style

jackie appiah son, jackie appiah movies, jackie appiah marriage

If you are looking for the real definition of style in an actress then Jackie Appiah is it. Everything from Jackie Appiah hairstyles to her dress choices and overall grooming shouts class when it comes to her. It does not matter what she wears from modest to revealing, Appiah is the epitome of fashion in Ghana. This makes her a beloved and one that people looking to stand out emulate. It is no wonder she is also a model.

More than acting

4. Modest lifestyle and love for family

jackie appiah son, jackie appiah movies, jackie appiah marriage

Stories about Jackie Appiah and her twin sister have been rampant on the internet. However, people are concluding that her little sister is her twin because she is just as beautiful. Jackie Appiah husband is another topic that has been online for a while. By nature, Appiah rarely comments about her private life. She was married to Peter Agyemang in 2005 but later divorced. They had a child together. Jackie Appiah son is just as attractive as the mother. Jackie Appiah marriage life was not in the lime light which is why it is impossible to tell what really happened to her as she refused to comment on the same.

Not much is known about Jackie Appiah mother except the fact that she is stunning. It is no wonder her daughters’ are pretty. Jackie Appiah daughter Mother photos’ found their way to the internet and many would not hold back their appreciation.

5. Jackie Appiah net worth

This is a source of motivation for many that desire getting into the acting industry. Inasmuch as Appiah was born into a rich family, she was humble enough to work her way through the ropes and create for herself a great acting career. As she buys new cars and dresses all fancy, many Ghanaians are encouraged that they can also get to reap from their hard work.

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