6 ways to remain naturally beautiful while saving the make-up cash

6 ways to remain naturally beautiful while saving the make-up cash

Currently, the use of make-up is the latest trend in Ghana and other parts of the world.

Nearly all women, regardless of their age, are all caught up in this trend.

The common reason is to look beautiful and “presentable” as one lady described as the “importance” of make-up.

6 ways to remain naturally beautiful while saving the make-up cash

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But has the use make-up always achieved its goal of making one beautiful without side effects? Another lady, Pokua, whom YEN.com.gh interacted with on this matter, replied with a big NO!

Pokua had been a ‘mad’ fan of make-up since her senior high school days.

Her aim was to “enhance” her beauty, quoting her own words. But today, she seems to have regretted her actions.

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Her facial skin now reacts negatively to the make-up products, and so, she is currently treating some blemishes which doctors have diagnosed to be caused by an allergy found in the make-up products she uses.

Research has also shown that the prolonged use of make-up products makes one age faster than normal.

According to the research, make-up also speeds up the development of wrinkles, fine lines, deepening of facial pores, and many others.

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Apart from these, the use of make-up also means spending good cash on acquiring the products, some of which are very expensive, especially, the original products.

Here, YEN.com.gh brings you five ways in which every Ghanaian woman can become or remain beautiful without having to waste cash on make-up.

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1. Personal Hygiene: Personal hygiene is the need for each individual to remain hygienic, and this needs to be taken seriously. Personal hygiene involves the use of clean and neat clothes, towels, underwear, and even regular hand-washing.

Maintaining personal hygiene regarding the face is to ensure that all items that are used on one’s face are kept clean and properly maintained. For example, face towel, handkerchief, and towels need to be treated with extra care. This is because these items normally trap dirt, bacteria and other impurities, which can affect the facial skin. When proper hygiene is maintained, the skin, especially, the face, is clean and and kept fresh no matter the age of a woman.

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2. Fruits and Veggies: Research has also shown that fruits and vegetables are very essential in maintaining a good skin and above all, a healthy life. Citrus fruits, for example, are said to provide radiance to the skin because of their Vitamins C content. These fruits include oranges, tangerines, pineapples, and more.

Also, vegetables such as cucumbers, spinach, according to research, contain natural ingredients that when eaten or made into paste and applied to the skin, makes one looks youthful, with a beautiful skin which would not need make-up. So go on, and include more of these natural goodness in your diet.

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3. Water: Water is said to be life itself. Water, apart from quenching our thirsts, also helps to get rid of toxins and other unwanted elements from our bodies. Since water cleans the system, it also refreshes the body, and this affects the skin, leaving the individual feeling refreshed and hydrated. Research has shown that those who drink more water (approximately 8 cups) daily are usually free from skin diseases.

4. Sleep: Sleep is said to be the best medicine for the treatment of many problems including stress, tiredness, anxiety, worry, sickness, and many more. According to research, the body, especially, the face, heals itself while one is asleep. Sleep ensures that facial pores are kept under control, also, sleep helps to maintain a healthy skin free from blemishes. This makes sleep a necessity rather than luxury. It is therefore important to have more sleep and rest as possible, and also to maintain a good and regular sleep pattern.

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5. Cosmetic: Research has also shown that the right cosmetics need to be used to achieve a good and near perfect skin. Patrons are urged to look out for good mosturizers when they go shopping. This way, you looks more beautiful naturally without having to spend cash on make-up products.

6. Exercise: Exercise helps to keep the body healthy, strong, and rejuvenated for the day’s work. It therefore helps to keep the skin fresh, youthful, and feeling beautiful.

So ladies, save the cash for make-up, and follow up with the above discussed ways of becoming or remaining beautiful without having to spend so much money on make-up.

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Source: Yen.com.gh

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