Child trafficking in Ghana: statistics, problem and solutions

Child trafficking in Ghana: statistics, problem and solutions

With the advancement in technology and education, you would think that child trafficking doesn’t exist anymore, how wrong! As sad as this is, many countries not only just in Africa but in the whole world are still stuck on this barbaric activity despite there being many interventions put in place by the United Nations and other human activist groups. Ghana is one such country with a leading statistics of child trafficking, however, sooner or later this script is changing and for the better. Below are the statistics, causes and interventions put in place to help stop child trafficking in Ghana.

Child trafficking in Ghana


Ghana is one of the fastest developing countries in the West African Region Today today. Not only does the country boast of a vast wealth of resources in terms of natural resources but also good infrastructure both physical and technology wise. Despite these developments, Ghana still lags behind when it comes to the human trafficking. Currently, these meace is more predominant than it was during the colonisation period with the biggest victims being young children.

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Statistics of child trafficking in Ghana

According to the statistics of Child trafficking in Ghana, out of 187 territories and countries, Ghana was ranked at Tier 2 in to watch list countries. The 2017 report named "Enhancing Criminal Accountability and Addressing Challenges in Prosecution Efforts,” is a report that sought to come up with solutions that will be effective in ending human slavery in the world. These child trafficking in Ghana statistics in Ghana is not something new. In June of 2009, the USA Department of Trafficking in Persons Report released a full report documenting at least 30,000 children working as porters, fishermen and others primarily being used for sexual tourism.

Causes of child trafficking in Ghana

child trafficking in Ghana

Source: Deutsche Welle

To effectively solve the problem of child trafficking in Ghana the first important thing all concerned parties need to be aware of is the causes of child trafficking in the first place. The first cause that has been the biggest contributor to this menace is the cheap labor that comes with child trafficking. Created in 1960, Lake Volta is the number source of employment and food in the region. With the increasing depletion of fish in the region, most parents who live below poverty levels in the region always see the reason to have multiple jobs and for this substitute their children into the fishing business. In addition to cheap labor, children are trafficked into fishing for their small bodies as they can reach to places older fishermen cannot.

The other cause of child trafficking in Ghana is explained by the cultural practices. Save for the ongoing education and sensitization in the country, lots of families in Ghana will freely and willingly give their children to join hard labor to learn manual jobs through apprenticeship. This in itself has contributed to the rise in child trafficking case in the country.

Solutions to child trafficking in Ghana

Despite the huge and increasingly rising statistics in Ghana, this child trafficking in Ghana menace can be resolved however all stakes holders need to be involved. The first intervention that needs to be done by the government is formulating and implementation of human trafficking act Ghana. Through legislative, the government can come up with stringent measures on all those involved in child trafficking menace.

The second intervention that should be done is to educate adults on the hazards of human trafficking and child labour in Ghana. In addition to this parents should be advised to educate their children instead of involving them with hard labor.

Lastly, avenues of child trafficking should be regulated in Ghana. For instance, when it comes to the fishing industry in the Lake Volta region, fishing of smaller fishes should be discouraged at all costs as this will see the work of young children in this activities significantly reduced.

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If you are wondering whether the children trafficking menace in Ghana can be curbed, yes it can. With the right interventions and goodwill from all the concerned stakeholders human trafficking and child labour in Ghana can all be a thing of the past.

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