Why we love Black Panther movie (and you should, too!)

Why we love Black Panther movie (and you should, too!)

Ryan Coogler, the producer of Black Panther has made a revolutionary breakthrough following the release of this comic movie. He has been able to give the market not the best product but what it actually wants to be fed with. This verdict can be attested by the ongoing praise talk about the movie and many viewers acknowledging to the fact that the movie is a stand alone in all Marvel’s works. Black Panther 2018 has hit the movie industry with a groundbreaking reception from movie fanatics including me.

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Black Panther the movie is a tale of superheroes in Africa or people of the black race. Ideally, Coogler has creatively been able to capture the audience’s attention with all the sweet spots in Wakanda, an imaginary country in Africa to which the film is set. Black Panther movie has addressed issues of African Americans, politics and lifestyle. It is solely cultured to tell of the good about African contrary to the western believe that Africa is primitive, backward and illiterate. Here are so interesting bits about the Black Panther full movie that has gotten our attention:

Content of Black Panther the movie

Black Panther news has sparked conversation thanks to the movie ability to capture our minds. The triumphant superhero journey, black culture, and the celebration of traditional society setting is something that the audience have not had, this make the movie unique and captivating. Besides, the story is unique and captivating. There has been fans comparing Black Panther vs batman to decide the best.

black panther full movie, black panther 2018, black panther vs batman

The revamped country of Wakanda, using anti-colonial tactics which is technology, education and wealth redistribution by Black Panther is one way to make the Black culture bright. The above have help bring out the beauty and power of the blacks.

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black panther full movie, black panther 2018, black panther vs batman

The Black Panther setting in Wakanda is extraordinary, a country in Africa but one that has experienced a lot of modernization. In cognition of the platform to which this movie is aired, it deplete poise and confidence that has grown of the black race. The African people are more comfortable and proud of their color, hair and culture.

Visual splendor

black panther full movie, black panther 2018, black panther vs batman

According to Ryan Coogler, Black Panther the movie is one that he has really invested handsomely towards its cast and release. Evidently, from costumes worn by actors and actresses to the cast location it is clear money has been poured into it.Ruth Carter, the costume designer won in evoking the traditional African culture into the film bringing out the historic setting and modernity into a perfect match. Appreciatively, this has been a boon towards the movie popularity and consequent subscription.

Black Panther full movie - Featured actors and actresses

Black Panther cast must have been sourced widely. Ryan Coogler, primarily focused on using black people on camera and those behind it. Chadwick Boseman who stars at Black Panther is the character behind black superheroes. Other cast members we know and celebrate include Florence Kasumba as Ayo. Danai Gurira as Okoye and Lupita Nyong’o as Nakia. The outstanding this is the way they have embraced shaggy and kinky black hair all through. This shows that it has come of age that people of Black race what to be known for who they are and not imitate or try to look like a certain race.

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