6 everyday things you do that shorten your life

6 everyday things you do that shorten your life

Ghana is known to be one of the lowly ranked countries when it come to life expectancy.

According to the latest data from World Health Organisation (WHO) published in 2015, Ghana had a life expectancy of 62.4 (Male- 61.0, Female-63.9 ) putting the country at 153 on the worldwide list.

Though it was projected to increase by 2017, it was a marginal increment of around 0.4 percent.

The reason for this low rank in life expectancy ratings vary and we all may know the obvious ones like road accidents and diseases, both terminal and regular.

For the accidents, we may have very little control over them but for the diseases, many are becoming conscious and are shunning habits like smoking and drinking which have notoriously been identified to often shave time off our lives.

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But there many very 'normal' everyday things we do in Ghana that also have very dire consequences for our health and may be shortening our lives.

YEN.com.gh brings you some of the everyday routines you need to cut down on in order to prolong your stay on earth

1. Microwave popcorn:

Studies show that microwave popcorn can lead to a lung condition that can shorten your life.

According to research published by Discovery Health, a chemical called diacetyl that helps give microwave popcorn its buttery flavor can lead to a severe lung condition if it's consumed too much.

So you may have to start preparing you own popcorn on fire or stop consuming it altogether.

2: Taking sleeping pills

Taking sleeping pills regularly makes you 4.6 times more likely to die earlier than people who do not.

This is according to an article published by Daily Mail UK.

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The article explains that dangerous ingredients in these pills, which include benzodiazepines, barbiturates and sedatives are deadly and even those who took as few as four pills a year were 3.6 times more likely to encounter an earlier death.

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3. Watching too much TV:

Watching television (TV) is one of the ways many Ghanaians relax after a hard day's work but researchers say watching two hours of TV per day could take 1.4 years off your life.

A study on 'sedentary behavior' has shown that too much time just sitting around is not good for your life expectancy.

4. Oversleeping:

For any ordinary Ghanaian, sleeping is understood to be a form of rest and they will do their best to sleep if they have the chance.

But studies show that people who sleep eight hours or more a day die younger than people who sleep six or seven hours per day.

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And moreover, oversleeping has been found to cause diabetes, headaches, depression and heart diseases.

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5. Sitting through bad traffic:

For any Ghanaian living in the big cities, commuting is a big problem because of the often bad traffic situations.

But if you have any other alternative, you should take that because your too long daily commutes leads to a long list of diseases and health issues, shortening your life.

And also, all the stress and inactivity is simply not good for your health.

6. Eating too much red meat:

Red meat forms a large part of the diet of many Ghanaians as we know it to be a good source of protein but it is advised that you eat it sparingly because people who have at least four ounces of red or processed meat per day are 30 percent more likely to die earlier.

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The reason is that red and processed meat have been found to be associated increases in total mortality, cancer mortality and cardiovascular disease mortality.

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