Kente styles for occasions

Kente styles for occasions

The Kente styles for occasions vary according to the type of ceremony that is being held. There are styles for weddings, funerals, birthdays and visiting of in-laws. There are also the Kente styles for graduation and engagement ceremonies.

Kente styles for engagement

The styles for engagement vary from men to women but they can share the same color and fabric. Their designs are also different for the ladies as is for the men. For the ladies they have the Furaha off shoulder dress which is a few metres from the knees and is worn with heels.

There is also the African print Kente dress that is long and short sleeve and is finished off with heels to give the lady the look that will get men chasing after her. On top of that the ladies can add jewelry so that it blends well with the color of the dress but one should be careful when choosing the jewelry.

Kente styles for occasions.

Kente styles for wedding

The styles for a wedding are meant to be appealing and attractive. The Kente dresses are in different styles that make the event more enjoyable and lovely. The ethnic group from the southern part of Ghana uses the Kente for their special occasion especially during traditional marriage ceremony.

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There are also the Kente styles for a modern wedding where the designs are unique and go with today’s trend.

The Kente styles for traditional wedding are in different styles where we have the Rowvon dress which is yellow and has blue stripes. It is also an off shoulder design.

The other style is the Pistis dress which is striped from the tummy all the way to the feet. It is designed to fit a person of any size.

The Christie Brown dress is another style which is off shoulder and it is finished with a pink fan. It also has red and grey patterns that give it that traditional look.

Kente styles for graduation

Kente styles for occasions.

There is the mermaid dresses that can be made to look formal and they can be used for graduation. The midi short dress can also be used as a style for graduation when worn with the right head gear and type of shoes.

The Kente styles have proven to be diverse through the new trends that cut across entire occasions.

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