10 inspiring Kendrick Lamar's songs every Ghanaian must listen to

10 inspiring Kendrick Lamar's songs every Ghanaian must listen to

Kendrick Lamar Duckworth is a popular international American talented rapper as well as a songwriter. He is among the rappers who discovered their talents at a tender age. The local people around him loved K-Dot (his stage name by then) mixtapes that he used to release before hitting the limelight.

10 inspiring Kendrick Lamar's songs every Ghanaian must listen to

In 2010 after his release of Overly Dedicated, he gained funs from every part of the globe. Since then his efforts and determination in his career has made his success to be beyond words. Are you a Ghanaian? Listen to the songs in this article and you will definitely be a big fan of Kendrick Lamar songs? Read on to get 10 best inspiring Kendrick Lamar best songs.

Kendrick Lamar news updates are rare

Is this successful rapper in a relationship? Well, that is what most of his fans ask. Kendrick Lamar girlfriend is Whitney Alford. He rarely discloses his private life and he prefer to maintained a low profile.

Kendrick Lamar's cars can be a source of inspiration

Kendrick Lamar cars are so exotic, customized, and they have a long list. According info@carkeys.co.uk, Kendrick first owned a ’92 Cadillac Seville. This source also tells his huge fast rising net worth of $35 million. Kendrick Lamar bought a car for his sister during her graduation, Toyota Camry.

But these Kendrick Lamar hit songs will inspire Ghanaians

Here are 10 inspiring songs that will make every Ghanaian fall in love with Kendrick Lamar hardest Songs.

10 inspiring Kendrick Lamar's songs every Ghanaian must listen to

1. Hiipower

Kendrick Lamar is lyrically talented. His great vocals and beat rock the song. It has great metaphor and the message is about the issues the society face. The song is there to be felt by people not to impress them. I strongly recommend it to every Ghanaian; I bet you are going to get inspired with the songs message.

2. U

Kendrick Lamar best emotional song. The creative rapper takes his listeners through an emotional journey of his complicated love life. Ghanaians listen to this particular song and listen to Kendrick pouring his heart out and will also get inspired.

3. Humble

Humble is the leading song in Kendrick Lamar Latest Album, Damn. Kendrick received many awards through this song because it seems to be playing non-stop. This song has a great beat, lyrics, and vocals. Humble song has a deep and powerful message to men that will inspire the Ghanaians. Kendrick want men to remain humble in the way they relate to women in their relationship. Every Ghanaian should listen to this song and you will definitely love it.

10 inspiring Kendrick Lamar's songs every Ghanaian must listen to

4. m. A.A.d City

Kendrick Lamar creates illusion to your mind on what the society offers from the darkest side. It is more of a well-told story with great beats, metaphor, hook, flow, lyrics, vocals, and conscience. Kendrick rocked it on the feature verse. Every Ghanaian should check it out for inspirations.

5. Money Trees

Kendrick Lamar gives the listeners the effects that comes with the monetary value in the human society that we are living. It is great and amazing in everything from the beat to the flow. It is a good inspiring message for any Ghanaian out there to fall in love with it.

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6. Sing About Me, I’m Dying of Thirst

Kendrick takes the listeners in a journey of emotions about the society and life in general. If you don’t wipe your tears before the song ends, then you are a heartless human being. This song has great flow and every Ghanaian will love it and get inspired.

10 inspiring Kendrick Lamar's songs every Ghanaian must listen to

7. The Blacker the Berry

All Kendrick Lamar songs are amazing, but these one is special song that has quite a good message for any Ghanaian. Kendrick Lamar talks about how hatred and racism has controlled everyone. The lyrics are just great and the issues expressed have a great flow that will inspire you.

8. How Much a Dollar Cost

Kendrick Lamar gives out a message of a golden rule in this song. This song will inspire every Ghanaian to treat others the same way they want to be treated. The story in this song is about Kendrick refusing to help a homeless man with $1 and later on, he discovered that the man he thought was a poor man was actually Jesus Christ.

9. I

This Kendrick song has a message that has inspired many to love themselves. This song will also inspire the Ghanaians to do things that will not bring harm to them because nobody can love you more than yourself.

10 inspiring Kendrick Lamar's songs every Ghanaian must listen to

Kendrick Lamar I.

10. Swimming Pools/ Drank

Kendrick Lamar tells out his listeners on his efforts, dedication, and workmanship to music. It will inspire every Ghanaian to never loose hope in everything there do.

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