Best birthday wishes for friend on Facebook

Best birthday wishes for friend on Facebook

While some people jot down their feelings and best birthday wishes for a friend almost by impulse, others may need help putting the words down to make sense. It’s okay to have this challenge. Maybe you just don’t know how to do it, or your friendship is so extra ordinary you can’t begin to explain it. Either way, we have prepared you the best wishes to make your friend’s day stand out.

Best Birthday Wishes for Friend

Sometimes we are friends with someone for too long we forget to remind them how much they mean to us. A birthday presents a chance to appreciate the people that share no blood bond with you but have become family. There are many ways of packaging best birthday wishes to friend. You could write a beautiful card, have the words on their birthday cake, get them a t-shirt with sweet words printed at the back or better still, wake them up to these words written in their bathroom mirror. Whichever way we choose, read on to find some of the best birthday wishes for friend.

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Best birthday wishes for a friend – For a sweet sixteen

Best Birthday Wishes for A Friend – For A Sweet Sixteen

Good birthday wishes for a friend are not always so easy to put into writing especially if this friend is transiting between adolescence and adulthood; the sweet sixteen periods. It’s one of the most important stages in every girl’s life, not only to them but their parents and friends as well. Here is how to make your bestie’s 16th count.

• Yaaah! Sweet sixteen is finally here, and it’s for someone special. Someone beautiful and bubbly, with grace and poise. For the light, you shine on my life, happy birthday darling!

Happy birthday to someone whose friendship I value most; at least after a chilled glass of merlot!

• Jeepers! Creepers! You are growing older girlie.You might soon want me to pick up an application to those assisted living facilities that offer free coffee and wifi. The good thing is, il be right there with you doing the people watching!Il always be here! Happy sixteenth.

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• My wish for you is simple and genuine; I hope you have a full life...Full of joy and wonder…and of laughter and love. I wish that all your dreams come true! Happy birthday.

• So it was just 16 years with all that maturity and intelligence? Wow! I can’t wait to attend future birthdays and see what amazing things you will have done in your life. Continue being the best. Happy birthday.

• Sweet sixteen...all those exciting things coming your way...some leaving you confused. It's okay. Enjoy every bit of it; it passes away so fast. Happy 16th birthday.

• I still remember that first day in grade one, when you shared your cake, and we become friends. Am glad am still here after all those years! May the most exciting years of your life be filled with love and warmth! Happy sixteenth birthday!

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Birthday wishes for friend female – Quotes for your super girl

Female friends blur the line between friendship and sisterhood. They are worth it all. Here are amazing quotes from them.

• I have met so many people before you, but your arrival into my life made me realize the true meaning of friendship. Ours has become the most beautiful story. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

• You have always been my source of strength. May this day be as beautiful as your soul. Happy birthday, dear.

• My days are brighter than the sun and sweeter than honey simply because I have someone like you in my life. On your Big Day, I pray that good fortune will accompany you until the end of time. Have a great one!

• Besides my shadow, you are the closest thing to me. Thank you for being my friend and my guardian angel. Thanks for not judging me. Happy birthday.

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• Just like we celebrated Betty’s big fall for hating on you, so we will celebrate every other event in our lives because I’ll be there through it all. Happy birthday my bestie!

• Someone in my new neighbourhood recently asked who you are. I smiled and said. ‘’She is my sister, my saviour, my confidant, my partner in crime, my best female friend. ‘Happy birthday my world!

Best Birthday Wishes for Friend

• Your grace, just like wine gets better with age. You are my perfect description of a perfect woman. I adore you all the way. Happy birthday!

Birthday wishes for a best friend- Make your partner in crime feel loved

Best friends are our twins in another world. Our likes and dislikes match. You can know what’s in your friend’s mind before they speak. Here’s that friend we get naughty with.

• I can’t believe you are finally an adult! How fast time flies. May this special day be showered with blessings. May you be happy and successful in all your ventures. Happy birthday.

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• Hip Hip! Hurray! You are a woman now. May your 18th be blessings galore, with the warmth of love and friendship. Happy birthday.

• My warmest wishes, as you get into the 3rd floor. May all your dreams come true as you get older. Happy 30th birthday.

• Celebrate this day in style. May your wells never run dry. Thanks for brightening up my days. Happy birthday my bestie.

• To my best friend, my partner in crime, my everything. I’m wishing you the best today and forever. Many faces come and go, but yours never fades even in adversity. Happy birthday my love.

• Life’s a roller coaster ride. It would have no thrill without my best friend by my side. Wishing you all the best on your birthday darling.

• Despite what you may believe, you can only have one best friend, and that is ME! The good thing is, I’ll always be here. Happy Birthday!

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Hilarious birthday wishes to a best friend

Best Birthday Wishes to a best Friend

We all have that one friend who has a knack for making fun out of the smallest things. That friend that brightens our dull days so naturally. These wishes are for these people.

• It’s your birthday friend! Just in case you think that science project was the height of human innovation, remember Mark Zuckerberg was a billionaire by your age! Haha! Have a blast.

• Happy birthday, my dear! It was just the other day, and now here we are again. If you don’t slow this pace down, you’ll soon be the oldest man on earth!

• Sweetheart, if your achievements grew on par with your age, you would be a millionaire by now. By virtue of being your best friend, I at this moment declare you the oldest woman alive! Happy birthday.

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• Happy Birthday, darling! Laugh until I have enough evidence to report to the mental asylum.

• Today when I woke up to a reminder of your birthday and thought about the year you were born, dude!Its so many years back yet you don’t look a day above fifty! Happy birthday old timer!

• I just realized am not the oldest person in the room. For this am very grateful. Happy birthday old guy!

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• Happy birthday, friend. You are my favourite spair of pants, I've had you for a few years, you fit just well, and you make me feel confident. I love you. Have a great time.

Birthday wishes for best friend give you a chance to get all creative and playful. If it’s not a very deep friendship and you are not sure how this person will react, you will never go wrong with short and sweet quotes. All the best in making your friend’s birthday memorable.


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