Long African dresses: Best in 2020 (photos)

Long African dresses: Best in 2020 (photos)

The recent years have seen continuous growth in the supply of African prints into the market, due to the growing demand for these ethnic pieces. The Ghanaian fashion sector and the world at large have made a place for these designs to flourish. To some, long African dresses are a method of expressing themselves while to others it is a tool to celebrate the unique African styles.

Long African Dresses

Long African dresses are made from authentic African prints like Ankara, kitenge, Kaba and kente, with most lovers of these pieces coming from the west part of Africa. This is mainly because of the history and origin of these prints. Kente, one of the most popular African styles comes from the shone people of Ghana. This colourful and quality fabric was a preserve of the royalty in the traditional setup. In the modern world, most Ghanaian and the world at large use this fabric to create dresses of high value. Women are the luckiest with most long African wear dresses produced with the changing fashion trend to satisfy the need for an African woman to look good.

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Long African dresses styles 2020

Dashiki – dashiki is one of the most popular African dressing styles in the market. This name originates from ‘dan ciki’ a Hausa word. Historically, dashiki was used to make men’s shirt. However, in the modern times, dashiki is being used to make skirts, shorts, trousers and even long dresses. Most celebrities have been caught on camera rocking this fabulous African style.

Ankara – Ankara print or style dates its origin to Indonesia. It is characterised by fabric of different prints and patterns.

Kaba – this is a typical African dressing style characterised by a long skirt that is wrapped around the lower body accompanied by a similar or matching top. Designers have played around with this style to create long dresses for the modern African woman, and it has worked.

Kente – the art behind this fabric is mind-blowing. Kente is made up of cotton fabric, and silk sewed together in different patterns and colours to achieve a sophisticated look. In the traditional days, this style was handmade with the result being used by the royalty. Today, kente style is being used to make different attires including long dresses, which have received worldwide recognition and respect.

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Long African Dresses-long African dresses styles

Long African dresses designs

Designers have found their way with the African prints and styles and created top quality on dresses designs for the market. This is in a bid to satisfy the needs of the modern African woman and keep up with the worlds fashion scene. Women of different sizes can use these dresses, from plus size women to medium sized. Some creative designers combine different styles and print to create a design that will stand the test of time and compete in the international fashion market. Following are some of the long African dresses design that you might consider getting for yourself.

• Ankara gowns – unlike the conventional western gown, Ankara gowns brings elegance, quality and colour to the table. With different patterns, prints and colours, Ankara gowns make a wedding more lively. It also adds a new twist to the whole event by making it unique.

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• Tube Ankara dresses – with a tube Ankara dress, the curvy African woman can show off her shape without any problem. This comes with an additional pattern that makes the sight more interesting. However, it is important for you to ensure that you find dress size that complements your body size and shape properly.

• Blouson African print dress – it has a string closure or belt at the waist, which makes the torso part of the dress to blouse. This hugging African print design is best suited for hourglass shaped women for the best kind of attraction

• High low Ankara long dress – this design is suited for any body type, provided you get the best size for your body. It makes a remarkable fit for both casual and formal occasions.

Long African Dresses-long African dresses design

Long African dresses 2020

2020 is a year marked with excellence in the fashion sector, at least when compared with the previous fashion years. Designers have focused on creating quality African dresses, not only for the modern African woman but for the world at large. This can be seen in designs like the crop top, Victoria dress and even v-sleeve dresses. It is important to read the following details for you to understand the designs of long African dresses in 2020.

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• Bodycon kente dress – these dresses fit tight into the body making your shape quite apparent and appealing to the eye. It is perfect for the hourglass-shaped African woman.

• Backless African long dresses – if you want to show off your flawless, dark skin, this is the dress for you. It is suited for dinner dates and event receptions. With a little detail, like a slit, this long dress rocks on slim women with a need to make a point.

• Layered African long dresses – this dress whose design was inspired by the shape of a peacock, makes any petite woman look stunning any time of the day. The only catch is to get contrasting African prints to make it look more appealing to the eye.

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