All you need to know about Kumkum Bhagya: Story summary in English

All you need to know about Kumkum Bhagya: Story summary in English

Kumkum Bhagya is a world renowned Indian soap opera in Hindi language that has captivated many soap lovers around the globe. Having premiered in 2014 and broadcasting on Zee TV during weeknights, the show is a must-watch. The show is tentatively based on Jane Austen’s novel Sense and Sensibility. The main characters of the show are feisty and strong women living together in an all-women matriarchal dwelling as captured in this Kumkum Bhagya story summary in English.

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Indian shows are among the most captivating in the entire movie and film industry. For lovers of soap operas, they understand how Hindu soaps can keep them glued to their screens. Kumkum Bhagya is one of the most watched Indian soap operas world over. The term Kumkum Bhagya stands for If We Hold on Together. Although the Kumkum Bhagya cast is in Hindu, find here all you need to know about Kumkum Bhagya story summary in English.

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​Kumkum Bhagya full story in English

The plot of the Kumkum Bhagya story is about Abhi and Pragya, a rockstar musician and teacher, respectively. Bulbul is Pragya’s sister, who is busy with her job but hates her boss called Purab.

The story begins with Abhi being in a relationship with Tanu, a supermodel. Purab, Abhi’s best friend, is engaged to Aliya, Purab’s sister.

Although Purab and Bulbul hated each other at the beginning, they fall in love. Aliya mistakes Purab’s affair with Bulbul thinking that he loved Pragya.

kumkum bhagya cast, kumkum bhagya song, kumkum bhagya what happens in the end

Consequently, Tanu and Aliya work in cahoots to plan Pragya’s and Abhi’s marriage in vengeance.

After getting married, Pragya gets to know about the conspiracy. Pragya, in a bid to protect his sister, lies to Abhi that she is in a relationship with Purab. She then urges her sister Bulbul to forget Purab.

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Although Purab is privy to all theses, he agrees to marry Aliya. However, he cannot seem to get her out of his mind. On their wedding day, Purab absconds his marriage to Aliya and goes to marry Bulbul.

The Kumkum Bhagya story summary is generally one where Tanu and Aliya plot against Abhi and Pragya. However, their plans backfire and, instead, the two grow more in love.

Below is the Kumkum Bhagya update.

Written update of Kumkum Bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya episodes continue to roll out. In Kumkum Bhagya latest episode, Simonika calls the police and informs Pragya and Abhi. Shiva says he is innocent and Pragya tells Simonika not to blame anyone.

Simonika narrates to Pragya and Abhi how she found Shiva red-handed leaving the two in disbelief. They cannot imagine that Shiva would want to hurt them. Pragya tells Disha that she does not understand why a cook would do such a thing.

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kumkum bhagya cast, kumkum bhagya song, kumkum bhagya what happens in the end

While Pragya resolves that she will do her own investigation, Simonika says that she will get her own person as a cook.

Alia and Tanu remain in the dark as to what is happening and become worried. Meanwhile, Purab accompanies Shiva to the Police station. There, Shiva maintains his innocence.

In another scene, Pragya finds clothes thrown all over the floor by Abhi, who is hiding in the closet. She resorts to teaching him a lesson by likewise, throwing clothes all over. This leads to Abhi romancing Pragya. Disha walks in and Abhi tells Disha to leave.

Meanwhile, Simonika gets Sangram Singh who is disguised for the cook’s job.

Kumkum Bhagya what happens in the end?

Finally, Pragya and Abhi get married. But will they live happily ever after? After goons shot Pragya off of a cliff, the future of the two lovebirds remains uncertain. As the Kumkum Bhagya song plays, viewers remain guessing what the next episode will bring.

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