SLTF student loan requirements, application, and repayment options

SLTF student loan requirements, application, and repayment options

Seeking to find help with your application for SLTF ? Then here is a guide to take you through the requirements and also application process.Read on .

SLTF student loan requirements, application, and repayment options.

Student Loan Trust Fund in Ghana

The SLTF Ghana (Student Loan Trust Fund) is an institution set up in Ghana in the year 2005 under the Trustee Incorporation Act 820 of 1962. Students loan trust fund acts as a means for support to students who wish to complete their tertiary education by offering them financial services by giving them loans. Its official mission is to provide financial support to eligible tertiary students in Ghana on time.

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How does SLTF WORK?

The Student Loan Trust Fund works together with banks that give student loans in Ghana to offer financial support to needy Ghanaian students who want to pursue higher learning in Ghana. The support comes in terms of a loan that is advanced to a successful applicant to help them complete their studies by;

  • Paying fees
  • Buying reading materials
  • Any other meaningful usage of funds that will aid in the applicant’s education
SLTF student loan requirements, application, and repayment options.


Who can apply for a student’s loan trust fund?

For you to be eligible for a loan, you must ensure that the institution you are in makes it possible for you to get a loan. These are the conditions for qualification;

  • The institution is tertiary and has received relevant accreditation from the national body(Ghana National Accreditation Board)
  • The courses or programs available in that institution are accredited by the National Accreditation Board.
  • They are Ghanaian citizens and have permanent residence in Ghana. The school should also be in Ghana
  • The applicant has valid reasons to ask for the loan(needy applicants are the ones to benefit)

The funds will only be used to help the student to help him only in his studies and cover expenses that come with their study. For you to apply, you will need a guarantor.

Requirements of a guarantor

For you to be considered after passing the requirement test, you will need a guarantor. The guarantor can come from either of the following categories of persons.

  • An active Ghanaian SSNIT contributor that has been contributing for not less than three years and they should not older than 53 years of age or are already guaranteeing for another beneficiary.
  • Must be a member of a Recognized Religious Body and the religious body should show their willingness to act as a guarantor.
  • Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assembly can act as guarantors through resolutions that are passed and have been signed by two authorized personnel including the chief executive.
  • A Corporate body that is listed at Ghana Stock Exchange or a member of Ghana club 100 at the time. They must have passed a resolution which should have two signatures including one senior executive’s signature.
SLTF student loan requirements, application, and repayment options.

After passing this stage, you will have to then know the application requirements for the loan.

Application requirements

The application requirements are as follows;

  • He should produce contact details of the guarantor as well as his own contacts
  • An E-zwich account merged with the applicant’s personal bank account. Both accounts should be with the same bank
  • They should not only be students in their institution, they should be registered.
  • The applicant must have someone willing to guarantee them(guarantor)
  • Passport sized photographs(two of them)

How do you apply?

For you to apply, you must download the student’s loan trust fund application form. The student’s loan trust fund application form download is done in the STLF official portal.

Just in case you want to change any detail in your application, you can download the student loan trust fund amendment form in the STLF official portal and make the necessary amendments.

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Student Loan Trust Fund Disbursement.

After the application is complete and you have complied with all the rules, your application will be reviewed. Once it has been accepted, they then send you the loan. Disbursement of these funds happens two weeks after the application is accepted.

You should purpose to look at your statement of account to look at your loan details

Repayment of the loan

• How do you repay your loan?

There are several ways in which your loan can be repaid. The methods are;

  1. Deducting a certain amount directly from the salary of the beneficiary
  2. Payments to SLTF through their bank accounts directly using your Social Security Numbers. The banks are; Ecobank Ghana, Ghana Commercial Bank and the National Investment Bank.
  3. Cash or cheque payments at the SLTF head office or their zonal offices.
  4. For people who have relocated to other countries or are abroad for any reason, the option to use is to send someone to pay on their behalf.
SLTF student loan requirements, application, and repayment options.

SLTF staff

Things to Note!

  1. You are obliged to pay the full amount credited to you even if you decide not to finish your studies. This should happen within one year of you discontinuing your education.
  2. You can chose to pay the loan while still in school
  3. You can decide to pay the full loan amount at once. Doing this will mean you avoid the interest rate that was to be charged.

Here are answers frequently asked

  • What is the student loan trust fund interest rate?

The interest rate is set at 12%.

  • How do you get your statement of account?

The student’s loan trust fund statement of account can be accessed through the official SLTF portal ( It is also sent to the applicant email account once every single year. It is one of the ways that have been used to help beneficiaries do their student loan trust fund balance check.

  • What happens to the student loan trust fund defaulters?

People who default to pay the loans are announced on the official SLTF portal and on National print media.

Students loan trust fund address and telephone directory

Address; NO. 47, 3rd Crescent Street, Accra, Ghana

Telephone directory;

  • 0302 23188
  • 0302 231873
  • 0302 231887

Online portal:

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