Suzzy Williams, Ebony Reigns.. Who will be the next?

Suzzy Williams, Ebony Reigns.. Who will be the next?

First it was Suzzy William’s death, now it’s Ebony, road accidents are robbing us great talent. We had not yet recovered from losing Suzzy Williams, 12 years ago and now we are mourning Ebony Reigns, lost to the same! Who’s next?

Suzzy Williams, Ebony reigns.. Who will be the next?

Ebony Reigns

The death of Ghanaian ‘dancehall queen’ Ebony Reigns through a fatal accident evoked a lot of emotions from Ghanaians as it was reminiscent of the demise of popular Ghanaian actress, Suzzy Maleki Williams, who was in the prime of her acting career. The accident occurred 12 years ago while the star was coming from a movie set leaving Suzzy Williams dead.

On the 10th of February, Ebony Reigns was involved in a car accident on her way from visiting her mother. The accident also claimed the lives of other passengers. The news of Ebony’s death really shocked the rest of Ghana since the star was at the peak of her career.

Suzzy Williams, Ebony Reigns.. Who will be the next?

Ebony Reign’s death led to Ghanaians comparing it to the death of Suzzy Williams. Both of the stars were young and talented with so much to offer the entertainment industry in their respective fields. They had both cut a name for themselves in the male dominated industry, they were a force to reckon with despite their young and tender age.

Ghanaian actress Suzzy Williams was the talk of the town during her time, her acting skills were praised by many. She had made a way of entering the hearts of many Ghanaians with her prowess and talent. She had been deemed to take the Ghanaian acting to the next level with her hard work.

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Suzzy Williams, Ebony Reigns.. Who will be the next?

Suzzy Williams

Suzzy William's movies were doing great given that the acting industry in Ghana back then was still growing. She had a different kind of spark that had not been seen around the industry, making her more indispensable. Suzzy William's biography consisted of a hard-working actress who executed her roles perfectly earning her massive popularity in the male dominated industry.

It was on 8th September, 2005 that Suzzy William’s car was involved in a gruesome accident along the main La Teshie Nungua Highway. Suzzy William's funeral caused a stir as it was attended by many Ghanaians who came to pay their last respects to their fallen star. Many took to their social media platforms to pen down their condolences to Suzzy William’s father. Suzzy William’s mother was at loss of words during the burial of her daughter.

Suzzy Williams, Ebony Reigns.. Who will be the next?

The sudden death of another promising and talented star, Ebony Reigns opened another wound on the hearts of many Ghanaians. They had not been over the death of Suzzy Williams yet. Some were furious about how road accidents were robbing them of talented individuals in the society. Road safety became a trend that many people wanted to be addressed.

Many Ghanaians took to social media platforms to express their deepest condolences and sympathy, both the stars became instant trends on Twitter. It is not easy for people to get over the death of Ebony Reigns coming after the Suzzy William’s death. Many people urged the Government to improve road safety in order to save lives of Ghanaians.

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