Jobs for SHS graduates

Jobs for SHS graduates

Are you a SHS graduate and wondering what to do before joining campus? Are you interested in a part time job with no experience needed? There are a host of jobs for SHS graduates in Ghana that are perfectly fit for a person like you.

Jobs for SHS graduates

The listed jobs require little experience in the field. It is the best way to earn income while preparing for your next step in your career.

Current SHS graduate jobs in Ghana

The job opportunities for SHS graduates are endless. You need to think outside the box. Most of the job openings are not advertised by most of the companies but your input is required. Here is a list of some of the top SHS graduate jobs:


There are many hotels in Ghana that require waitresses. The job requires a little experience which can be gained after a few days of training. The pay depends on the types of hotel, but they usually pay decently. The hotel industry has a lot of job vacancies in Accra for SHS graduates

The work is not that hard since it includes offering service to customers. You can also earn more from tips from the customers. It is the best way to earn money in preparation for your future studies.

Jobs for SHS graduates

Supermarket attendant

Most supermarkets in Ghana have many job openings for SHS graduates since they are full of vivacity. The job also requires little experience in the field. All you need to do is check on the orders in the supermarket. Help customers find their goods and services. You will do cleaning of the department awarded to you.

Valet attendant

High end restaurants usually offer valet services to their customers. With a driver’s license you will have an edge. Your work will entail parking the customers car when they arrive at the premises. You will also take care of the car. Valet attendants are usually tipped handsomely by their customers.

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Jobs for SHS graduates


A library is the perfect place for shs graduates. With the many libraries in the country, there are many opportunities. Your job description will be to arrange the books in order, assist readers access materials. You will also maintain the cleanliness of the library. Many people make a decent living as librarians.


There are many businesses in Ghana that make use of the services of cashiers. You will be entrusted in handling and disbursing of all the monies of the firm. You will also develop your money handling skills. You will record all the transactions for future reference.

Jobs for SHS graduates


A secretary ensures the smooth running of the facility. You will be assigned to a specific person in the establishment. You will be expected to make minutes of all the meetings. You will also have to keep all the records for effective administration. You will be in charge of ensuring all the responsibilities are met. You will also keep a diary of the future activities.

Boutique attendant

This is another opportunity especially for females in the jewelry world. You will be in charge of attending to the needs of the customers. Also cleaning the business falls under your job description. You will take care of customer’s complaints and suggestions.

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