How to pair your Ghanaian smock dress with accessories and jewelry for a beautiful look

How to pair your Ghanaian smock dress with accessories and jewelry for a beautiful look

A smock dress is not complete alone, you have to top up with some jewelry. It does not only draw attention, it also shows that you have a grip of who you are. Jewelry highlights a statement; that you are not the woman to mess with!

Smock dress patterns and jewelry

You have to stand out, pull out a killer look!

Mixed cocktail smock dress

A mixed cocktail dress is right above the knee, and has a wide neckline. You do not want your neck to look bear, especially for the ladies that are not very much physically endowed. All you need to do is wear a necklace that will make someone concentrate more on the jewelry than the neck. Also for those with a large waist line, put on a fashion belt to accentuate the look.

Cozy wrap smock dresses

A cozy wrap dress is long and flowy. It is comfortable and elegant at the same dress. If your dress has a low neckline, wear a necklace that is bold. If you put on a necklace, do not wear bulky earrings. Put on small earrings and vice versa. The bangle should match the necklace and the earrings should match the ring if you love rings. Make sure not to wear bulky jewelry.

Long sleeve smock dress

A long sleeve smock dress is very fashionable and mostly it is printed. t can be a skater dress or even a pencil dress. It can also have a wide neck or a closed neck. For a long sleeve dress, minimize the jewelry on the hands and concentrate on the necklace and earrings.

Off-shoulder smock dress

An off shoulder Ghanaian smock dress is one whose neckline is way below the shoulder. Such kind of a dress calls for a nice necklace in order to give less attention to the neckline. You do not want to look so bare, and a bulky necklace works. If not, you can try bulky earrings and a simple necklace.

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Turtle neck smock dress

A turtle neck dress is one which covers the neck. Such an outfit calls for no necklace, and if you must, tries a chain, one that goes right below or on the bust line. A turtle neck is also very fashionable and calls for less jewelry.

High-low smock dress Ghana

A high low dress is one which has a shorter front side that goes above the knee and a longer back side. It is considerably fancy and good for casual occasions. This dress goes very well with high heels probably open shoes. When you put on a high-low dress a lot of attention goes to your legs. To finish the look, go for pretty lady shoes.

Long maxi smock dress

A long dress is good for evening parties and also weddings. A long dress covers most of your body parts and too much jewelry will not go well with this outfit. The main aim is to look classy and elegant. Tone down the jewelry and if possible avoid a large handbag, preferably go for a clutch bag. Carrying a big bag reduces the attention on the outfit.

Ladies, the biggest secret is knowing how to wear a smock dress and to pairing accessories with an outfit. Example, a handbag that matches the shoes brings a more elegant look. Make sure that when your jewelry is gold, just do gold all over. Do not wear a gold necklace and silver earrings. This eliminates elegance. If it’s pearl, stick to pearl all through. It is always nice to match the colors of your accessories well in order to avoid confusion.

Everyone wants to get noticed, and you can start being a fashion trendsetter with the amazing smock dresses and pair them well with classic jewelry. Seek advice from your jeweler if necessary. Below are some of smock dress images.

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