7 insane facts about Shatta Wale's new Car, the Dodge Charger

7 insane facts about Shatta Wale's new Car, the Dodge Charger

The Dodge Charger! Shatta Wale has no apologies on how much he spends on his cars! His cars are a cause of envy for many people since he does not hold back showing them off. This time round the ‘bulletproof’ hit maker has made headlines again not with a new song but with his latest buy

7 insane facts about Shatta Wale's new Car, the Dodge Charger

Shatta Wale’s new car is the ultimate definition of power, speed, style and performance all wrapped up together. The star is known to go on a shopping spree when it comes to cars. He has impeccable taste owing to his car collection.

List of Shatta Wale’s cars

Shatta Wale’s latest car adds to the priced collection of the star’s expensive ‘toys.’ The star is not new to purchasing cars, recently Shatta Wale's new BMW was flaunted on a six second video on social media. On the video of the star’s garage, a G Wagon was also captured.

Shatta Wale’s Range Rover car caused a stir online since it hadn’t been long before he purchased another car. The star’s fleet of cars is a sight to see. Shatta Wale’s wife car, a customized Hyundai Sonata 2015 model, was part of a gift he had for her dear wife.

7 insane facts about Shatta Wale's new Car, the Dodge Charger

Shatta Wale's car collection

Insane facts about Shatta Wale's new car

What really has our attention and of car enthusiasts is his latest acquisition of a Dodge Charger. This is no ordinary car you stumble on the streets, it is estimated to cost roughly $65,000. We have broken down the dynamics of the car to give you a gist of what the car has to offer.


Shatta Wale's car can reach top speed of 204 mph while maintaining stability. It is armed with a 6.2-liter, supercharged HEMI V8 engine with a horsepower of 707. This feature makes it one the fastest and most powerful sedan ever made compared to other car models. So, what this typically means for people who are still in the dark, the car can covers a ¼ mile in a record time of just 11 seconds! How awesome is that?

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7 insane facts about Shatta Wale's new Car, the Dodge Charger

Shatta Wale's new Car, the Dodge Charger

Eco- mode feature

You know how environmentalists are blaming cars for combustion of gases that ruin the atmosphere, well they can sit and relax as the Dodge Charger has their needs in mind. Unlike large vehicles that burn gases through massive engines, the car has an eco-mode feature that reduces the power of the engine by turning off the paddle shifters.

The feature reduces the fuel consumption of the car and reduces the emission hence making it environmentally friendly. With this technology, it is the next step of stopping massive pollution from cars to the environment.

Own body panels

You know how car developers share the body panels of different models of cars, well when it comes to this car, it has its own body panel. The body panels have been simply integrated together into the design of the car to bring out that classy and elegant look when viewed from a distance.

7 insane facts about Shatta Wale's new Car, the Dodge Charger

Ease in shifting

For car enthusiasts, it is hard for a car to shift especially for this one that can reach up to 204 mph, well think again. The car has Torque Flite 8-speed transmission which allows it to shift while driving in 160 milliseconds. So, you still gain control of the car even when reaching those high speeds. When driving you will feel like a piece of paper floating in air.

Valet mode

Imagine you are entering a restraint and are scared that your valet attendant might take your car for a wild goose chase. Well with the Hellcat, all you have to do is put the car on valet mode, it will reduce the power and performance of the car so that the valet can politely park your car and bring it to your curbside when you are leaving.

7 insane facts about Shatta Wale's new Car, the Dodge Charger


Imagine the body of a jungle cat in motion, that way you can understand the longer body of the car makes it more aerodynamic in reaching high speeds. It has been built in a design that makes it swift when driving at top speeds.


The elegant and sophisticated design of the exterior of the car is a description of the interior. It is a perfect blend of modern technology and past specification of other Charger models. It is fitted with touch screens and advanced sound systems as well as the customized drive modes.

It has a three spoke steering wheel with heated and ventilated seats. You know how that 70’s design look, well imagine it mixed well with the modern technology to create a classic and vintage look. The designers remarked that the car was going to stick for a while before another design was made.

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