5 things Shatta Wale did in 2017 he shouldn't repeat in 2018

5 things Shatta Wale did in 2017 he shouldn't repeat in 2018

Ghanaian top dancehall star has had quite a successful run in 2017. Shatta Wale's songs have managed to cross borders and even enter the international market. Even with his success, there were a few things he should definitely leave in 2017

5 things Shatta Wale did in 2017 he shouldn't repeat in 2018

With the respect he has earned, we can’t ignore some of the headlines he made for a person of his caliber.

As a brand, there is so much expected from him. There were some actions he took in 2017 that really changed the perspectives of fans of him. Some were so extreme that he lost a large following. Given that Shatta Wale music forms part of his business, his actions affect his business world in many ways.

We can’t forget that he is a role model to many of the Ghanaian youth who look up to him. As a role model there are some actions he should desist from. A large chunk of Shatta Wale’s video market lies in Ghana. He should therefore think twice before ruining his reputation for all Ghanaians.

5 things Shatta Wale did in 2017 he shouldn't repeat in 2018

Shatta Wale's latest bad dec

We have compiled a list of some of the actions that should be desisted by Shatta Wale in 2018.

Rampant Shooting

When Shatta Wale’s house was allegedly ambushed by thieves, the musician used a gun and started shooting hysterically in the air in an attempt to chase away the thieves. This was a childish act since someone could have been seriously harmed or worse killed.

Many of his fans took to his social media platforms to condemn the star for the utter display of childishness. Investigations were made by the police but there were no leads to lead to an arrest of the thieves. Shatta Wale’s wife came in defense of his man’s action for protecting their home from intrusion.

5 things Shatta Wale did in 2017 he shouldn't repeat in 2018

Disrespecting other artists

As an established artist it is only wise to build relationships with other artists in order to foster a strong business relationship. In Shatta Wale new song he had serious jabs for other artists in the industry. Some victims of the utter show of disrespect included Timaya and Patoranking.

The star didn’t provide reasons as to why he chose to throw jabs at the artists. Some alleged it was a business move, but it still remains disrespectful. The stunt costed him loss of fan base in Nigeria. It also caused hatred for him from other artists.

Shatta Wale’s net worth has also been used in bragging trash talking the success of other artists in the Ghanaian music industry. Shatta Wale cars have been used to diss the success of other artists.

5 things Shatta Wale did in 2017 he shouldn't repeat in 2018

Assault on bodyguard

During a performance on stage, the star was seen slapping one of his bodyguards. The slap caused a lot of uproar from fans as it showed the arrogance of the star. As a cover up, the star said it was just part of the rehearsal.

I still fail to see how slapping someone falls as part of a performance. The star should have humbled himself and openly apologized to the bodyguard as part of the heat of the moment. Details of assault went under the radar and was forgotten by many.

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Threat to Wizkid

In a post, the star threatened that his fans will ruin his performance that was scheduled in Ghana. The post read ‘SM fans will make your life hell when you come to Ghana.’ This was really unprofessional of a person of his caliber. It was an act to incite his fans to ruin the Wizkid’s performance.

It also ruined his chances of performing in Nigeria since there will be retaliation from Wizkid’s fans. This could even start a rivalry between the fans of the two artists. The star should really thinker over the implications of his actions on the entire entertainment scene.

5 things Shatta Wale did in 2017 he shouldn't repeat in 2018

Charging for interviews and constant bragging

Shatta Wale made this preposterous announcement as part of his usual trash talking antics he has become accustomed to. He said that the media had a way of tarnishing his image to the public. He also accused them of altering statements for their own benefits. He said that he will not be granting free interviews anymore.

This is pretty dangerous for any artist, either established or upcoming, since the media plays a huge role in the career of an artist. However, the weight of the announcement has been swept under the carpet since the star has been interviewed over Shatta Wale’s latest song ‘Bulletproof.’

Shatta Wale’s private jet acquisition was a successful move by the artist, but he used the chance to brag about his accomplishment in the industry. These statements rubbed the shoulder of other artists badly.

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