10 reasons why people love Fella Makafui

10 reasons why people love Fella Makafui

Ever since the debut of Fella Makafui in the hit series YOLO where she assumes the role of Sweraa, a young village girl who migrates to the city and turns into a bread seller, her success has kept soaring. Although she is prone to controversies over raunchy photos she posts on her social media platforms, Ghanaians still can’t get enough of this beautiful and daring damsel.

10 reasons why people love Fella Makafui.

Love or hate her, you can’t deny her impact on the Ghana entertainment scene ever since she premiered. She has kept us busy every day with sparking new conversations. Her acting career is still young and much more is expected from her. Here are some interesting facts that makes Ghanaians love her more despite her controversies:

1. Prowess in acting

Once you have the chance to see the series YOLO you will get why we are saying she is a gem. The way she takes control of her stage name, Sweraa, is like no other person is fit for the role. She plays the part of an illiterate girl who is from the village who comes to the city to make ends meet.

She falls in love with a one-night stand. Through the experience she learns the cruel world that she has entered. The series aims to educate the youth on some of the social problems in Ghana. Her role in the movie really won many hearts of Ghanaians.

2. Fella Makafui Pictures

She has been under fire by many Ghanaians who attacked her for ruining the morals of the youth who look up to her for the raunchy and nude pictures she posts. But despite all the heat she gets, her photos are really something to look at twice. She is not shy of showing off her incredible physique and curves. Many of her fans can’t get enough of the damsel who has charmed them.

10 reasons why people love Fella Makafui.

3. Fella Makafui dancing videos

It has become ubiquitous to stumble upon some dance videos she posts showing off her derriere in a sexually provocative manner that leave many men dazzled. She has also tried a career as a video vixen by making a cameo in late dancehall musician Ebony video. We can’t argue that the style has impressive moves when she gets down. Her videos have received many views by Ghanaians making her more popular.

4. Entrepreneurial skills

Most young artists in the industry show little interest in business given that their careers are kicking off. This is not quite the case for the star who is the CEO for the Fella Wine and Liquor. To add to her acting career, she is surely set to stand the test of time that describes the Ghanaian industry. Many Ghanaians have applauded her move in the business venture as it encourages other young women to learn to stand on their own.

5. Outspoken personality

She has a unique personality that just make you like her instantly. Especially after the feud and allegations thrown her way by Efia Odo, the actress maintained her composure. She did not respond to the vicious attacks. Her choice to remain silent in the beef shows her mature side. She has come a long way and her experience helps her handle different situations that is common in the entertainment industry.

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10 reasons why people love Fella Makafui.

6. Fashion sense

The actress has an impeccable taste when it comes to fashion. She has become a fashion icon rocking some of the latest fashion trends in Ghana. Her caption wearing a kente dress got many people talking on social media.

7. Mystery

Unlike other artists who are predictable, the star has kept a certain level of mystery when it comes to her life. We are still in the dark about Fella Makafui’s school background. It is also not mentioned in Fella Makafui’s biography. Her level of mystery keeps fans anticipating more from her.

8. Controversies

We are in the wake of her ending beef with fellow actress Efia Odo which resulted in exchange of insults. The cause for the falling out however remains unaccounted for. She made headlines again when pictures of her and Ghanaian rapper on the beach surfaced. The pictures sparked a lot of speculations. This saw her become a top trend on Twitter in Ghana.

10 reasons why people love Fella Makafui.

9. Friendship

It is important to have friends in the entertainment scene. Her friendship with the late dancehall queen Ebony Reigns was open to everyone. The demise of the star really affected her. She even shed tears during the burial of the talented songstress. It is with relationships like this that grows the industry.

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10. New car?

Fella Makafui movie career seems to be paying off. The star recently posted pictures of her new Chevrolet car. Many of her fans were stunned since the car must have cost her an arm and a leg. But it acted a source of motivation to the youth of Ghana that all is possible.

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